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[Nettime-bold] Become a Scientist! Build your own acoustic jungle!

Become a Scientist!  Build your own acoustic jungle!

V2_Organisation and Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes present: 'Sensible
akustische Modules'. Under the banner 'Become a scientist! Build your own
acoustic jungle!' three young artists from Cologne  Felix Hahn, Miki Yui
and Ralf Schreiber  design acoustic modules which subtle sounds are
triggered by light and audio signals.
Hahn, Yui and Schreiber are all three graduates from the Academy of Media
Arts in Cologne.
In three programs (an exhibition, a performance, and a workshop) they focus
on the relationship between humans and their acoustic environment. Their
modules show that our surroundings are not entirely filled with 'noise' and
subtly re-open our ears for the interaction between sound and environment.

Monday 2nd July 2001, location: Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, 3014 GM
Rotterdam, 20.00 till 22.00 hours.
Opening speech by the artists.

Exhibition 'ask 02 & solar sound modules  nervous networks'
Tuesday 3rd till Sunday 8th July 2001, location: Goethe-Institut, Tue  Thu
10.00 till 19.00 hours, Fri 10.00 till 17.00 hours, Sat  Sun 14.00 till
18.00 hours, entrance free.

'ask 02' (acoustic survival kit)': Try on and experience acoustic
waistcoats consisting of embedded electronic components which generate
sound according to light intensity.
'solar sound modules  nervous networks': a group of electronic particles
which move and produce sound under the influence of light. Together they
form an organic system, the minimum construction for synthetic life: an
acoustic jungle.

Performance: 'Schwachstromelektriker & Datenrauschen'
Friday 6th July 2001, V2_Organisatie during program, 20.00 hours,
entrance fl. 7,50

'Schwachstromelektriker': With solar modules Miki Yui and Ralf Schreiber,
supported by Felix Hahn, create live exciting beats and surprising rhythms.
'Datenrauschen': is a program for live mixing of sound files, which can be
loaded from the local hard drive or filtered off the Internet.
Datenrauschen filters audio and subsequently integrates it into an ongoing
sound collage. (concept/ design: Felix Hahn, programming Holger Reckter)

Workshops Build your own solar bot and chaotic sound module
Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July 2001, location: V2_Organisatie,
14.00 till 18.00 hours, entrance fl. 10,-

The artists Yui, Schreiber and Hahn teach the participants how they can
solder their own solar bot and solar sound module. Seats limited, booking
advised, contact Nat Muller via email or phone (010) 206 72 72.

The events are part of the Wiretap 7 series. More info:
Producers: V2_Organisatie, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam and
Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, 3014 GM Rotterdam.

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