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[Nettime-bold] [plug in] databodies/cloners/tracenoizers/viewfinders

ART Basel, June 2001, Liste 01, 11.-17.6., Burgweg Basel, 13h-21h
[plug in]
_is an internationally oriented pilot project initiating, sponsoring and 
mediating innovation in the expansion
of artistic interaction with new media. [plug in] decentralizes the concept 
of curatorship with network agents,
who plug projects into our online and offline program. Our network agents 
for 2001 are Annette Schindler,
Orlando Fleury, Yvonne Volkart, Michael Pfister and Rafael Koch.

Eventmodul::anonymous.databody.muttering / by knowbotic research (Zurich / 
_addresses the phenomenon of our digital identity. knowbotic research 
builds data bodies from the many personal
traces we leave when using forms of digital communication. In this 
installation, visitors can activate the databodies
of several ART Basel -participants, while these data streams in turn 
trigger acoustic and optical signals, and thus provide a
spacial experience.
live stream 13h-21h mez
TraceNoizer. Disinformation on Demand/ by LAN
_Protect your databody  clone it. Professional cloning assistance by 
TraceNoizer creators. TraceNoizer provides a
tool, which enables the users to clone their databodies, multiply their 
userprofile and thus anonymize oneself online.
Clone-it ! (featuring LAN and knowbotic research)
All databodies of the ART Basel participants get cloned and protected 
during the week of the Art Fair.

Viewfinder / by Blast Theory (London)
_promises  but ultimately withholds  a glimpse of an intimate scene: the 
inviting openness of a large projection
leads the visitor to a private view through a camera in which erotic images 
are obscured and fragmented.
Filmed continuously over 24 hours using a time-lapse technique, Viewfinder 
juxtaposes the everyday with the porno-graphic.
With its reference to webcams and surveillance technology, the piece poses 
questions about mediation,
selfreflection and the voyeuristic impulse.

location of the installations
Liste 01, 11.-17.6., Burgweg Basel, 13h-21h

Knowbotic Research
connective force attack
Klosbachstrasse 45,
CH 8032 Zuerich
tel/fax +41-1-2616412
mobil +41-76-5806412

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