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[Nettime-bold] unfu.com

an interview with unfu.com

unfu.com is a new website of an artist living and working in berlin

Q. Do you feel that the moment of truth on automation is coming a lot
   sooner than most people realize?
A. yes

Q. But what is the truth about automation?
A. kaesesandwich?

Q. How do you feel about the 35,000 or more U.S. workers who are
   losing their jobs in the new econmy.
A. 35000? ny is gone

Q. Do you feel that automation has been responsible for the
   nation-wide shortage of time?
A. what nation?

Q. What does the computer mean to you?
A. 0

Q. Do you feel that the alternative to automation is economic suicide?
A. yes

Q. Purists speak of cybernation, in which a master machine is used to
   run other machines, as in a factory. Using this definition would
   you then say that you are a Purist?
A. yes


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