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[Nettime-bold] Snow Blossom House Open: Online Show

***Snow Blossom House Open: Online Show***

Snow Blossom House is a collection of erotic interactive art, digital anime
dolls, 3-D creatures, and H-games selected by an avid otaku-fem. Snow
Blossom House is a place to feel the chill of cold hard pornography in the
midst of a blinding pink snow petal rain. Snow Blossom House breathes in
and exhales the romantic fantasies of fifteen year old Japanese girls who
build web sites like "Carrot House" and "Strawberry House" to house their
favorite anime characters and home drawn KiSS dolls.  Snow Blossom girls
construct their own Snow Blossom boy-dolls to undress--pale thin Goth boys
with pretty dark clothes, anime boys, and sulky action heroes. Snow Blossom
girls like to strip and dress up other girls. They like to pretend to be
non-human, to grow tails, fur, and octopus arms. Snow Blossom House is a
boy pervert protagonist in an all girls' high school, or a young hacker
girl locked alone in her room secretly playing her brother's hentai games.
Snow Blossom House is willful immersion into a world of uncanny cuteness
and sweet dark dreams.

Snow Blossom House features new pieces by Entropy8zuper, Melinda Klayman,
Meta, Dominatrix and  recent work by other artists and game developers
including Francesca da Rimini, Kim Galvas, Playskins, and Wilfried Agricola
de Cologne. Snow Blossom House also features new writing by Blackhawk,  who
is known as the first critic to "make contact" with the international KiSS
community of electronic paper doll makers. Blackhawk's text "The Art of
KiSS" includes a manifesto for how the KiSS system of doll creation and
exchange could be adventageously adopted by the net art community in

Snow Blossom House opens in conjunction with the Sonar01  Festival in
Barcelona Spain, June 14, 15 and 16 and  Snow Blossom offline is on display
at Sonar01 as part of Fiftyfifty Frontline.

Participating Artists and Game Developers:
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Steve Stone, Francesca da Rimini, Michael
Grimm, Ricardo Dominguez, Entropy8zuper, Meta, Playskins, Dominatrix, Kim
Galvas, Ewigkeit, Melinda Klayman, Anna Mae, Pixis, Milky House, Excellents
Japan, Auric Vision, Blackdragon, C's ware

Snow Blossom House is curated by Anne-Marie Schleiner.

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