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[Nettime-bold] Culture Jammers Network: America's true colors will fly on July 4th

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Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 9:03 PM
Subject: America's true colors will fly on July 4th

500 Corporate America flags raise the alarm on Independence Day


This July 4th, Independence Day, 500 Corporate America flags will be
raised in over 200 cities across the US and around the world. The
"Brands and Bands" will replace the "Stars and Stripes" outside
Starbucks and Blockbuster, at the gates of US embassies in Canada and
Sweden, and at the US-Mexico border. The flags will fly at a US
Military Academy and at the G8 Summit in Geneva. One will burn in

Making sure his whole neighborhood gets the message, a man in Arvada,
Colorado will paint the Corporate flag on the side of his house.

And that's not all...

In New York City, a 600 square foot flag will be displayed on a
billboard just off Times Square.

Find out where the flag will be flying in your area by checking out
our Independence Day Flag Jam website Send accounts of your Flag Jam
activities to

>From the staff and volunteers at Adbusters

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