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      \/\  letz b!ozkulpt - 01 recipe for disazter [nn m9ndfzzp sonar.01]
           scena 0+?

      does a couch differ from itself akkording as you view it from the 
      side or the front or any other way +?

      every inflektion of form is accompanied by a modification of colour, 
      and every modification of colour gives birth to form.

      art wants nothing to do with the objekt, as such.

      malevich +?

      since art is in essence universal, its expression cannot rest on a subjektive view 

      mondrian +?

      night changes its own look and meaning

      heidegger +? ... trois conf้rences a bayerische akademie!

      oui. la morale des lignes. emphasize straight lines!

      and the relationships between them!!!!!!

      stripped of the polemic element the above quotation is not without interest.

      sartre +?

      sculpture suggests movement

      paintings suggests depth + light.
      NN suggests nothing; she is real, living movements and shapes.
      her bodies signify nothing, reflect nothing but themselves. 
      they are, that is all. they are absolutes.

      sartre +?

      schopenhauer stated it comme ca:   [01 nn readz 4uardz. 01 nn readz bakuardz - z!multaneouzl!]

      the arts whose aim is the representation of the Idea of man,
      have as their problem, not only beauty, the character of the species, but
      also the character of the individual, which is called, par excellence, character. 
      but this is only the case in so far as this character is to be
      regarded, not as something accidental and quite peculiar to the man
      as a single individual, but as a side of the Idea of humanity which is specially 
      apparent in this individual, and the representation of which is therefore of assistance 
      in revealing this Idea.

      [!ntellekzual + austere glansz]

      if the brain had not devoted a substantial amount of cortex to the 
      recognition of individuals through their faces i would hear: 
      `but mademoiselle, what is happening is that i am no longer able to recognize you!!!`

      your analysis is conjectural

      1001 uak!ng f!ngrt!pz

      1001 ra!n tanz

      if i rise at the same time, i have different impressions each day.
      even if i wear the same body, it seems to me that i am not the same girl.

      hav u jurn!ed 2 dze zpr!ngz ov dze zea 
      +\- ualkd !n dze rezezez ov dze deep +?

      !mmanuel kant = d!d tzo !n 1775

                                geometr! ov l!f

                                geometr! ov l!f

                                geometr! ov l!f

                                geometr! ov l!f

                                geometr! ov l!f

     i read you listen. komfortable +? [karesz]

     it all began so innocently

     the cubists are destined ... to give back to painting its true aims
     which is to reproduce ... objekts as they are. but to achieve this,
     `lighting must be eliminated` because ... it is the sign of a particular instant...
     if therefore the plastik image is to reveal the essence and permanence of things, it must be free
     of lighting effekts... it can therefore be said that lighting prevents things from appearing as they are...
     contrary to what is believed, sight is a successive sense; we have to kombine many of its perceptions
     before we can know a single objekt well.  but the painted image is fixed ...
     as well, perspective must be eliminated because it is as accidental a thing as lighting. 
     it is the sign not of a particular moment in time, but of a particular position in space.
     it indicates not the situation of objekts but the situation of a spectator.
     perspective is also the sign of an instant, of the instant when a certain person is at a certain point.

     letz breathe

     du = breathe uater ma!ntenant. 
     uen humanz ekz!td dze oceanz d!d humanz lern 2 breathe a!r +?

     .... ne _____... radzr !nternal!szd 01 perzonl uater.

     uen l!ku!d evaporatez !t zoakz up heat u!thout mod!f!ng !tz temperatur. 
     aprez 01 ocean ov warmer ra!ndropz. beaut! haz !tz r!znz.

     in a low temperature system 2 water molecules near one other 
     with a characteristic of a higher temperature system 
     will attrakt one other with their elektro-static charges and oscillate together. 
     a private + dreamful chaos. 

     in dreams however - there is an equation.
     the things i see - see me just as much as i see them.

     all spasz !z f!ld u!th zomdz!ng. 

     evn !f ue != zee !t .....

     du = breathe uater. = abzorb ox!gen.
     d!szolvz !n dze mo!st l!n!ng ov 01+ lung komponent.
     the moist waves, the geometrical shadows ....

     memor! elongatez uarm ox!gen flou!ng koll!z!onz

     axioms and rules impregnating the space between us.

     a memevirus divulging its secrets into the supersymmetric mindscape sectors.

     the universes are the body.


     01 of the most engaging puzzlez of a very puzzling art.
     ... sharply emphasized by the delight of every spektator
     who is successful in solving the puzzle by finding in these enigmatic
     spirale within spirale 01 sort of tangible, pictorial justification of the title appended 

     nn ... 

     [kuantum u!zprz]

     a ztrange + beaut!fl anomal! !n ur zolar z!ztm

     learning how to mean                

     dze shape ov znou flakez depndz on dze temperatur + he!ght at u!ch dze! = l!fd.
     0+0 l!f objkt [!nklud!ng znou flakez] = haz obzrvd !dent!kl znouflakez


     1001 !sz breathz

     cell adhez!on

-  repeat aftr m!


m9ndfukc.macht.fre! _||-
                                                 ee d c b a 
                                               rr q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a 


     N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
              - shear pathway to the core. 
              - promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment. 
              - meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>] 

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