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[Nettime-bold] $1,000 Commission Per Sale!

                     $1,000 Commission Per Sale! 

Thank you for responding to our ad for Entrepreneurs. We are presently taking on dealers who have seasoned sales experience or experience in running a small business and understand the ins and outs of sales. Our product is simple, We sell One Vacation Package that everyone wants. 

 The customer recieves: 8 luxury cruises (Carnival, Princess, Norwegen etc), 6 Las Vegas vacations (some even include airfare), and 12 Luxury Resort Vacations to places like Disney/Orlando (airfare is even included for 2 people), 8 days and 7 nights in the Bahamas (airfare included for 2 people) and much more. You will sell this package for an incredibly low price of only$1,399 and guess how much of that you keep. That's right your commission is $1,000 on every sale!  Your product will only cost you $399 (buy as you go, you don't need to keep an inventory). 

 There are independant dealers selling 7 to 10 of these every week, every week. Think about what you will be offering, over 25 premium vacations for what most people will pay for one vacation. Your customers will never be asked to attend any timeshare presentations and there  is never a catch with any of these vacations. 
 All vacations are open ended and 100% transferable to friends and family. Who would pay $3500 for a cruise when they can have 8 (same quality) cruises for only $1,399? 

  All you need to do is put out some flyers and place a few inexpensive classified ads and then just sit back and watch your customers flock to you. A motivated dealer can plan on closing at least 3 deals his first week doing this. 
*** Make this business as big as you want it. How much would you pay to make $3,000 to $7,000 every week? Well we are going to make it very easy for you to get involved with our company, 

       Your cost is a one time fee of only: $999. Here is what you will get with your investment: 1 presentation kit, 2 vacation packages to sell where you can keep 100% of the profits (that's almost $2800 you put in your pocket right away), professional marketing advice, flyers (on disk) and classified ads that work! 

     But don't forget the most important thing, you are getting a real turn-key business selling a product that is in HUGE demand that you can work right out of your house. Spend more time with your family and do the things that you want to do. 
*** If you are truly interested in this opportunity and have sales experience and have $999 to invest in a time tested business of your own, we want to talk to you! 
           Call us toll free at  888-354-2111 Serious inquires only.

PS: You may be wondering how we can give so many vacations away for such a small price, well, the concept is simple. Every time a ship leaves port they are 30% unoccupied. Cruiselines lose money of every cabin that is empty. They would rather give away the cabin for free than have it empty because they know that if a couple goes on a beautiful luxury cruise for free, they will spend more money on the extras like: alcohol, tennis lessions, souviniers, clothes, etc.  

Statistically, a customer vacationing for free will spend more than the paying customers on the cruise so the cruiseline makes millions of dollars even though they are giving cabins away for free. It is that simple. The same applies to resorts.  

          *** Call us toll free at  888-354-2111 Serious inquires only.

                       SORRY,US RESIDENTS ONLY. 

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