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[Nettime-bold] MAGIKA ROMA (OUT NOW!)


The “mutant mixed fried” is back: to illustrate his alien origins, they
admonish. Folk and world music, roman electronic, yellow-red and
chauvinist, paganeoist. Philosophy of musical action, natural and
"magik", politically eversive, introduced by the tribute to the  “divine

Totti Gň” (Recycle) and followed by a series of exact identity
vindications, lucid and ludic: from the myth of Orfeo (Luigi Tecno),
transporting Bahia odours and citing the visionary and bohemien madness
of  Dino Campana, to Giordano Bruno, Simon Magus, James Frazer, Luther
Blisset, the roman police inspector "Monnezza" and Ninetto Davoli.
Romanity and alien virus, a disc that is much more than an example,
however succeeded, of modern folklore: completely out of clichés,
musical political and cultural, consolatory provincial and
pseudo-intellectual. It's a "political" album but without the unbearable

rhetoric, serious and  reactionary of our left. It's an album of
unbiased and ironical illumination. The re-calls to Stockhausen,
Campana, to magik, nature and the ancient calendar established by
Romolus; to Giordano Bruno "l’Apostata", to the heretik Simon Magus,
David Hume, Orpheus, Bacchus and to sex (and she-wolf, in latin, means
also prostitute) are signs and tradition of a different point of view,
and so alien, then re-elaborated and showed by every artist involved
according his own manner and inspiration, but always in a chaotically
coherent way. From the nů-house tones of Iwo Jima to the Rodion and
Entartetekunst techno, the sufi mystik of Tez, the cut-n-paste of
Recycle and Mir, or like the Cloaca maxima of Margoo. Beautiful is the
grapic of the booklet and the digipak is kicking too. A great record, in

substance: and the aliens are among us, let me say, thanks to God....

After the intergalactik success of "Luther Blissett - The Open Pop Star"



a Roman Cybermetik Carnaval


Format: CD Digipak
Tracks: 22
Running Time: 78 minutes
Artists: Recycle, Rodion, Davide Lombardi, Stefano Di Carlo, Iwo Jima,
Manga, TeZ, Furia Elettrica, Margoo, Giorgio Gabber, Orkestra
Postfordista, MIR, Sata Laeta, Luigi Tecno, Slow Motion, Entartetekunst,

Larsen Lombriki, The Sentinels

The new chapter of Aliens In Roma never ending saga clamorously unveils
the "alien" origins of the people son of the "She-Wolf", mother of all
romans, presenting, in a "paganeoist" style, old and new adepts of the
magik-roman kult.

>From the divine "Totti Gň" (the most popular football hero of Rome) to
the mythik "She-Wolf", passing through the red planet, the little magik
alien wolves in Roma invite all the (in)human people on planet Earth to
re-discover the ancient kalendar established by Romulus (the Great) 2
"magikally" step the sense of time, in total symbiosis with the sacre
natural "mysteries", together with all his magikal auspices rites that
made immortal the pagan soul of the "eternal city"...

"quando extasit Roma, extasit mundus"
Venerabilis DJ Mo'Beta

The special digipak outlet contains also a multi-coloured "Magik
Booklet" to re-cover with the help of graphik and kut-up texts all the
stages of this "Roman Cybermetik Carnaval"
"CybermetiK" is a new phase of the electronic popular communication in
re-appropriating the magik, hermetik and mythik traditions: from
Omero to Luther Blissett, and beyond, toward new rituals, new utopias.

"There is a natural magick which reflects and reveals the divine order
of nature” Giordano Bruno (R.I.P.)

Magik-roman sounds found by HUGO FOLK
sequenced by RADICAL JESUS
edited and mastered by PETRONIUS @ Studio PIACIONIUS
Graphic & Design by Paolo Bruno Margoni @ Angusto Studio
produced by Aliens In Roma 2.001
distributed by Audioglobe, italian independent discographik distribution

Tel. 055-652741 Fax 055-6503960

Aliens In Roma is a Temporary Autonomous Network formed by "a strange
race of techno-mutants" born in 1997 with the release of the universally

acclaimed compilation-manifesto "Aliens In Roma".


The album is NO COPYRIGHT for magik re-uses


RECYCLE - Totti Gň(d)
Directy from the Olympic Stadium of Rome, the tribute to the divine
"Totti Gň", modern idol of a(na)rchaik(al) popular believes, open the
magik dances. Primus Inter Pares.

RODION - Tubilustrium
Re-sound the sacre tubes forged by the god Vulcano in honour of Minerva,

the wife of Mars, goddess of war and electronic music. Feriae Marti.

The mythik origins of "martian" Rome re-visited in a panspermik,
astro-biologik point of view from the music tecno-mystik of Davide
Lombardi. From the red planet to the foundation of the Caput Mundi
re-vival the mystery of cosmic orgonik embrace between the god Mars and
the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia. Where is Christ?

Nothing more "divine" for ancient people that the "game". Especially for

magik-romans, able to transform the Olympik Show in a Circus Maximum.
The Ludi Romani (inspired by the old great Ludik Games), sound-tracked
by Stefano Di Carlo with the contribute of the mythik "Monnezza" (aka
the cuban actor Tomas Milian very popular in Rome for his cult
interpretation of the roman trash police inspector Nico), witness like
art is, since ever, a game: the free game of imagination. Panem et

IWO JIMA - A Fabulous Source
Rome, the historic road that magik-romans opened many times: a mythik
crossroad, a composite intermixture of the most disparate races and
cultures, a world for the major part still undiscovered, a fabulous
source where to draw the water of acquaintance. A trip "on the road" to
the roots of history on afro-latin-roman step. Regina viarum (all the
ways come to Rome)!

MANGA - Navigium Isidis
Sightseeing Rome among pyramids, obelisks and pussycats in love, to
re-discover the unveiled mysteries of Queen Isis, the supreme egyptian
goddess, venerated by  magik-roman people with a solemn spring
procession from which is derivated the roman "car naval". Honour to the
Great Mother. Una Quae Es Omnia.

The colisseum okkupied by the gladiators Giorgio Gabber and Orkestra
Postfordista explods into a triumphal march of joyous war. Power to the

TEZ - Paganalia
There was a time where men lived in harmony with the whole world,
sharing what the nature gave them spontaneously, ruled only by the
mystery, the supreme mystery, the port of all wonders. To that time, the

Golden Age, TeZ dedicate a natural tekno-pagan magik soaked of sufi
mystik. Sower To The People!

The most famous magik-roman festival of sex and love, celebrated in
honour of Faunus-Lupercus (altar-ego of the greek Pan) and the mythik
She-Wolk, mother of all romans, inspired the tribal free-soul-jazz suite

of Furia Elettrica. Homo Homini Lupus!

This ancient female magik-roman ritual, dedicated to the fertility of
all the "Good Goodess" of nowadays, included our beloved Mother Earth,
re-vival thanks to the ambient-trance atmospheres of Slow Motion. Cistae


MIR - Ninetto D(i)avoli Remix
The tribute to a forgotten hero of the "Core de Roma" (Roman Hearth) -
Ninetto Davoli - and also to one of the Great AliensInRoma Masters (Pier

Paolo Pasolini). Scire est reminisci. Where are you, Roma?

The festival of Lemuria, dedicated to the Lemures - "wandering shadows
of timeless dead men" - established by Romulus to appease the soul of
his twin brother Remus, that himself violently killed, here is
re-evokated by the tecno-acoustik laments of Entartetekunst collective
to try the contakt with the spirits of our glorious forefathers. In
girum imus nocte et comsumimur igni.

Dedicated to the ancient Oracles - the Sibylles, sects of ŕugures
white-dressed with the golden fret, the Augustales that, following the
legions into the conquered lands, erected prophetik temples - the
divinatory music, magik-step, of Sata Laeta (latin word for "Happy New
Generation") re-connect to the kosmo-harmonik conception of the
forgotten magik-roman society. Carpe Diem!

LARSEN LOMBRIKI - Meat, Natural Food
According to the sonic "dis/orders" proposed by the roman Rotor Audio
Club, the Larsen Lombriki spin-off read over again from a techno-magik
perspective, at the time of the mad cow and Genetically Modified
Organismes, the ancient ritual use of "eating gods" with the sacral
consumption of the divinity. Pinguia carnae.

Love and sex again, protagonists of the Veneral rite re-evokated by the
ethno-techno-pop fanfara of the fantomatik Giorgio Gabber with the
contribute of an old roman popular heroine. Deus Sex Machina!

LUIGI TECNO - Karlos Negro
The myth of Orpheus re-visited in a cyber-folk style by the mysterious
collective Luigi Tecno together with the bohemien poetry of Dino
Campana. From China (with ardour) to the bahian forests passing through
the magik door of Vittorio Square in Rome. De Magicis Meis.

RODION - Sol Invictus
The kult of Mithra, a vedic god very popular in the old magik Roma,
practiced into various underground sites, bring back to the origins of
Christmas, before the advent of Christ. To the young roman techno talent

Rodion, the task of revealing the arcanum. Dies Natalis.

MARGOO - Cloaca Maxima
Dedicated to the god Stercuts, the god of shit, and to the mother of all

sewers, the conscience of the city, monstruos cradle of death but also
of re-generation, the "big  evacuation" played by Margoo become an
exhilarant magik-roman politik satira. Stercus Delatum!

The tribute to the most (in)famous of magik-roman gods, Liber-Bacchus,
animator of one of the most scandalous rituals of whole ancient world
(Bacchanalia) by The Sentinels: an overcoming folk-ska soundtrax, an
invite to let flow the rivers of alcohol and let invade our selves by
the magik drunkenness, because "the wine of roman castels is better of
this dirty, motherfuckin', society..."

RECYCLE - Gratias Amor
Surprise ending with the trip-magik-hop version of a super-classic of
roman popular music. Acta est fabula.

And tricolour will be!!!!


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