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[Nettime-bold] Cybersalon: A Berlin - London Encounter- cultural free spaces

A Berlin - London Encounter- cultural free spaces

Mondy 11th June

Cinema 1


4/3 (conc.)/2 (ICA)

A number of small & cheap cultural media spaces have sprung up in  Berlin
helping digital artists support themselves. This has created a  beneficial
environment for independent media collectives to start up. Public  support
for artists in Berlin contrasts starkly with the small amount available  to
digital artists in London.

In the late 1990s London's Clink Street  then Hoxton/Brick Lane had an
informal focus of activity, community and support  networks. With a lack of
places like Backspace, the balance of focus is now  weighed in favour of
the business defined new media industry. With high rents  and equipment
costs, digital artists are financially being forced to orientate  their
creativity more towards commercial output.


from Berlin:

Pit Schultz (Mikro) , Diana McCarthy (Mikro), Tara Herbst (B.lab), Erik
Stein  (boot.lab), Nicolas Siepen (b_books), Natascha Sadr Haghighian
(botschaft e.V.),  sebastian luetgert (rolex)

from London:
James Stevens (Deckspace, Backspace,, Mark  Fitzpatrick
(Cybersalon) and Roya Jakoby.(

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