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[Nettime-bold] Perfect Father's Day Gift - FREE Satellite T.V.! 1986


with FREE installation


         Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Watch 100's of channels of Digital Broadcast quality television
on your own Hughes Direct T.V satellite television system. This
new Digital satellite systems use's an 18 inch satellite dish antenna.

For a limited time you can have this top of the line Digital
Satellite System for FREE! All you do is pay the shipping.
We'll even include FREE Installation

         Call 1(800)761-8321 Immediately!
      For your FREE Satellite T.V. System

This NEW Hughes Silver DirecTV Plus digital satellite system has on
screen program & Logo guide, stereo CD sound and infrared remote.

Call us now to arrange immediate delivery. Satellite television
offers 100's of channels of all digital broadcast video quality,
movies, sports, specials, network, cable channels and more
all with CD audio stereo sound. You may even get local
channels now.

                         Don't miss this offer
        It's only available while supplies last!

Please take advantage of this very special opportunity and
get your FREE DIRECTV Satellite Entertainment System with
FREE standard professional installation!

For your Free Satellite System call 800-761-8321

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