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[Nettime-bold] New Byline- On STAR TREK!


The Unreplenished Well
Or The Long Lingering Trek To The Stars
Copyright Ó by Dan Schneider, cosmoetica@att.net , 6/9/01
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  Recently, on the UPN television network, the television show Star
Trek: Voyager ended a 7 season run as the network’s premier show-
although pro wrestling fans of the WWF’s Smackdown may quibble. It was
the 3rd television spinoff of the original Star Trek show which
captivated 1960s audiences to such a degree that it was canceled after 3
seasons in the ratings basement. The show’s 2nd life via syndication, &
subsequent reappearance as a Saturday morning cartoon, a film franchise,
a series sequel Star Trek: The Next Generation [or NextGen or TNG to the
mythos’s fans- called Trekkies- & damn the literarily correct fools who
foist the term Trekker upon this band of people with little to live for!
They are as obnoxious as the anal-retentive cladists who refuse to call
Apatosaurus by the far more apt Brontosaurus- feh to you all!], a series
sequel sequel called Star Trek: Deep Space 9 [or DS9], & culminating
with Voyager- a series sequel sequel sequel- or so we thought- is by now
well-known; all starting with a letter-writing campaign that blossomed
into conventions, games, video games, dolls, books, comic books & many
other marketable items. Yet, concurrent with announcements of Voyager’s
demise was the announcement of a series sequel sequel sequel sequel
called Star Trek: Enterprise. Whoops! Let me amend that. In the spirit
of entertainment franchises trying to milk things for all they’re worth-
this show is a prequel- to be set a century or so before the original
show- & will star Scott Bakula as the prequel’s captain- Jonathan
Archer. Bakula is a well-known actor who made his sci fi name in the
1990s NBC show Quantum Leap.
  ****Henceforth, readers, I shall refer to the 5 television shows
thusly: Star Trek shall be called ST, Star Trek: The Next Generation
TNG, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 DS9, Star Trek: Voyager V, & Star Trek:
Enterprise E. OK? Or is that a future show in the offing?****
  1st let me state that while I have been a Star Trek fan- but by no
means a Trekkie- I laughed aloud at the recent docu-film Trekkies, which
gave some insight into the cultic qualities of the band. Each of the 1st
4 shows has had moments of brilliance, some of which is the best,
thought-provoking television ever. Yet, I can unambiguously state,
without a doubt, the best of the shows was the 1st: ST itself. Despite
all the laughable production standards, despite all the silly

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