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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> TAZ THING

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viali@altavista.com writes:

>  Happy to discuss here about "independent media projects"!
>  Any suggestions and feedbacks should be very appreciated.

The Genius 2000 Network cannot be regulated or have its content suppressed 
for one simple reason:  it legally enjoys the status of free speech.  
Therefore, for those of us who use the Network at times, it provides a 
valuable resource.  Many respected intellectuals and critics dislike Genius 
2000 and discourage its use.  However, nothing new and necessary ever 
appeared to the sound of universal accolades.  

The local museum here has a slogan of sorts:  "Bits and pieces put together 
to present a semblance of a whole."  I don't like this slogan.  Many serious 
failures and mistakes have been made and not acknowledged during the postwar 
era.  I am here to create solutions to these failures, mistakes, errors, 
harms.  They are many and stubborn but they will not plague us forever if we 
do well.

Max Herman

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