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We need to develop *many* independent media projects.
And we need to develop *many models* of independent media projects.
We need to offer Independent Journalists a way to work and survive!

"Oh my God, why am I here?
To contribute to the strength of independent media projects
- enabling them to compete with institutional, governmental
and corporate driven ones, and to create information spaces
where high quality tools, content and research are produced
by individuals and small organizations who are compensated
for their work."
And...  to Open the Media! Open the Information!
Because actualy Information is closed.
In many ways.
It's closed because the commercial Information ("barbie-Information" or "virtual-Information") don't give us (consumers) any possibility of action!

This is my goal!

One more suggestion!
Very important!

Independent media projects have to be "Web-Independent"!
"What do you mean, boy?"
Independent journalists sometimes don't work for a web magazine.
We have to find a sustainable model for jounalists that work directly on mailing lists or 

anywhere they like, or they decide.
Because this is a model of journalism too.

Happy to discuss here about "independent media projects"!

Any suggestions and feedbacks should be very appreciated.


Frammeta stands for italian "Frammenti", something like "Fragments".
Fragments of Informations. Fragments of Journalisms.
Frammeta is an italian Independent Media Projects.
Frammeta is directly interested in finding a sustainable model.

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