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[Nettime-bold] Branding the Campus

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Herausgegeben von Beatrice von Bismarck, Diethelm Stoller, Astrid Wege, Ulf

Die Publikation erscheint in einer deutschen und einer englischen Version
144 Seiten s/w und Farbe
Richter Verlag Düsseldorf 2001
ISBN 3-933807-39-5

Branding the Campus is an extraordinary record of an equally extraordinary
art project by Christian Philipp Müller, and a valuable critical primer on
the history, aesthetics, and politics of university campus design. Through a
collaborative investigation involving students at University of Lüenberg,
the artist unpacks the complex philosophical and architectural heritage of
the campus form and outlines the profound social, economic, and political
pressures confronting its identity today. This is a must-have book for
anyone interested in the best of contemporary project-based art - smart and
beautiful. As such, others in the fields of architecture, urban studies,
cultural studies, and critical theory will all benefit from the book's
insights. --Miwon Kwon Assistant Professor of Art History University of
California Los Angeles

Christian Philipp Müllers exemplary project for the campus of the university
in Lüneburg happens at a moment where we see an increasing urgency and
necessity to think about non brand oriented exchange and interconnectedness
.As Indian economist Amaryta Sen points out there is a necessity for
"emipiral connections that link freedom of different kind," a mutually
beneficial exchange is what is to be triggered. Mueller's project shows a
necessity for collaboration between different models which enhances
differences and allows disparated conditions to emerge through exposure and
protection. Müller opposes multitude versus the homogenization of
universitarian branding. The way how he succeeds in constructing new
temporalities is evoking Toni Negri's and Michael Hardt's brilliant
interpretation of globalization where multitude "designates new spaces as
its journyes establish new residencies. Autonomous movement is what defines
the place proper to multitude."--Hans Ulrich Obrist, Kurator am Musée d'Art
Moderne de la Ville de Paris und Chefredakteur von Point d'Ironie.

Kunstraum der Universität Lüneburg

Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliche Projektleitung:
Beatrice von Bismarck, Diethelm Stoller, Ulf Wuggenig

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