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[Nettime-bold] *New Design Judges for Tshirt Contest**>Artthreat Newsletter Update 6/5/01

<<>>> Design Judges Announced!
  Hey, There is less than one month left to enter the Win-a-T-shirt Web Page Redesign Contest at!  We are excited to announce our guest judges for the contest:
 >>Jodi Terwilliger, senior art director at
 >>Jason Arber, with

 >>Dmitry Utkin, the Mastermind behind

 >>Oz Dean of

 >>rAz of &

--Enter the contest while you still have time & get a visit from the judges above to see who will be a winner of the five prize artthreat shirts to be given away!
--To enter the contest, simply go to:

--To view the T-shirt Choices, simply go to:

***T-Shirt Update***
Artthreat has 17 NEW designs coming out this summer, with most of them debuting at Artthreat's release of their summer site/redesign on July 1st! 

**Attention Artists/Designers**
Artthreat has recently joined a new artists design collective that promises to push the boundaries in modern digital art: Sign up if you interested in more information at:
...other artists involved include

**Check out our new sister site in the UK at for some good tunes!

**Thanks go out to all who have supported!

#####Spam Notice#####
You have recieved this Newsletter if you have ever contacted or one of it's partnered sites. To be removed simply reply with "remove"! Artthreat does NOT spam & we keep all lists and customer information private, and does not sell or share customer information.  If you have been asked to be removed before, and are still getting this Newsletter, we appologize, for we have recently upgraded our mail system, and old and new lists got mixed; To be removed simply reply with "remove". Thank you.

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