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[Nettime-bold] Great deals on inkjets and paper??

We currently have the following specials on inkjet cartridges for Epson, Canon,
and HP printers:

 Go To   http://3475622417/inkjet/

       or use fax order form below

Epson 400/500/600 Black cartridge                          (S020093)
Epson 400/600/800/850/1520 Color cartridge         (S020089)
Epson 800/850/1520 Black cartridge                        (S020108)
Epson 200/500 Color cartridge                                  (S020097)
Epson 440/640/660/670 Black cartridge                  (S020187)
Epson 740/760 Black cartridge                                  (S020189)
Epson 440/640/660/740/760 Color cartridge           (S020191)
Epson 700 Color cartridge                                          (S020110)
Epson 750 Color cartridge                                          (S020193)
Epson 900 Black cartridge                                          (T003011)
Epson 900 Color cartridge                                          (T005011)

 Go To   http://3475622417/inkjet/

       or use fax order form below

Canon 4000/4100/4200 Black cartridge                   (BC-21)
Canon 4000/4100/4200 Color cartridge                   (BC-21)
Canon 600/610/620 Color set BCMY cartridges

HP 51626A Recycled Black cartridge
HP 51629A Recycled Black cartridge
HP 51645A Recycled Black cartridge
HP 51625A New Color cartridge
HP 51649A Recycled Color cartridge
HP 51641A Recycled Color cartridge

Inkjet Cardstock Paper                                        25 Sheets per
box                            $3.95
Inkjet Glossy Cardstock Paper                           10 Sheets per box
Inkjet Glossy Photo Cardstock Paper                10 Sheets per box
Inkjet Satin Photo Paper                                      10 Sheets per
box                            $3.95
Inkjet Transfer Paper                                            10 Sheets
per box                            $6.95

 Go To  http://3475622417/inkjet/

       or use fax order form below

Shipping is $4.95 per order and takes 3-4 business days by USPS.
We accept MC, Visa and AMEX.
One year warranty on all products sold.

All Epson and Canon cartridges are new compatibles.


STEP 1:  Print out the below ORDER FORM
STEP 2:  Type or Print your order information into the form
STEP 3:  FAX Your order to us.

FAX TO: 305-278-4183 (Order with confidence.  This is a secure fax area.
Only our qualified sales team will have access to your order 

                                     ORDER FORM(Print clearly with DARK pen)
Name:                   ________________________________  

Address:                ________________________________ * *BILLING ADDRESS ONLY

City, State, ZIP:       ________________________________  

Country:                ______________   (International Orders)  

Phone Number:           ______________   (In case we can't make out your order) 

[   ]Visa   [   ]MasterCard    [   ]AMEX

Credit Card #:  __________________________________

Exp Date: _______________

Signature: ____________________________ (Required)

E-Mail Address: ____________________________ *(PRINT CLEARLY!!)
Cartridge type     Quantity                        Price         Total
1)                           X                            =
2)                           X                            =
3)                           X                            =    
4)                           X                            =
Sub-Total                                                                                   =
Shipping & Handling                                       +      $4.95   



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