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[Nettime-bold] eiPCP | new issue: kunst 2.0

The new issue of the eiPCP's electronic journal is now online: kunst  2.0 - Different Art Histories of the Twentieth Century | http://www.eipcp.net

kunst 2.0 represents the attempt to collect fragments of a different art history of the 20th century: marginal lines, mostly, venturing beyond the margins of the art field into the wider space of political action; lines being drawn away from the constructions of the mainstream, against the art object, the dominance of the artist-genius and the gravity of the art market.

The texts by Stella Rollig, Bruce Barber, Oliver Marchart, Sabeth Buchmann, Hito Steyerl, Ulf Wuggenig and Gerald Raunig trace these lines of different art histories from the beginning of the century (Lenin, Tretjakov and Benjamin) to the post-war, neo-avant-garde and, at the next turn of the century, to poststructuralist and anti-neo-liberalist references and reminiscences to the historical avant-garde.

european institute for Progressive Cultural Policies
Andrea Hummer, Therese Kaufmann, Raimund Minichbauer, Gerald Raunig