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[Nettime-bold] NEW ISSUE; NEW WORKS; NEW NEWS-- june-sept. 2001 issue

Title: NEW ISSUE; NEW WORKS; NEW NEWS-- june-sept. 2001 issue

Wigged.net (http://www.wigged.net) is a digital magazine focused on bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works over the Internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and promotion center for media artists via the World Wide Web. Wigged.net is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to traditional forms of entertainment.


Check out featured artists in the new issue of Wigged.net:

Humberto Ramirez's Pool.
Pool explores the intersection of memory, values and beliefs in the construction of identity. United States. 2000.

Seth Thompson's Four Houses.
Four Houses presents fleeting portrayals of residents in four surrounding houses in a small urban city. United States. 2001.

Paddy Johnson's My What Big Teeth You Have.
Paddy Johnson writes, "I create intermonologues which incorperate dream elements and at times  paranoia.   I am interested in the intersection of rational and irrational lines of thought."  United States. 2000.

Thomas Swiss's Self-Portrait as Drums and Crowd Noise.
A web-based poem with images and sound.  2001. United States.

Marikki Hakola's TRIAD Hyperdance.
This project is based on TRIAD NetDance, a live telepresence performance on the Internet between Helsinki, Finland; Tokyo, Japan; and New York City, United States. TRIAD HyperDance forms a virtual installation where the audience is invited to interact with the artists and build up new interpretations out of the audiovisual and choreographic elements. 2000. Finland.

Michael Szpakowski's Linked verses- www remix.
This piece is intended to parallel rather than to document a dance piece created by '..some dancers and musicians..' a group of artists working in the Epping Forest area close to London , UK.  The idea was to adapt the musical notion of 'remixing' to create an installation for the web from what was originally a piece for live dancers and musicians.  As in many musical remixes the atmosphere of the two pieces is radically different. Where the original performance was playful and conversational the web piece is dreamlike and fragile. Both are true. 2001. England.


Check out Peter Schmidegs's article The Crossroads of Music & Mythology:
An Interview With Christine Baczewska.
The above article can only be found on the "Wigged News" page at http://www.wigged.net


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