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[Nettime-bold] net.congestion - the web launch - Friday June 8th

>>>>   A   N   N   O   U   N   C   E   M   E   N   T   <<<<

net.congestion - The Web Launch

Friday, June 8, 2001
De Balie -  Salon

Doors & streams open @ 20.00 hrs   (Local Amsterdam Time)
GMT: 19.00

LAT:  20.30 : Official launch of the web archive
GMT:  19.30

During the past months an on-line web archive has been built of
net.congestion, the International Festival of Streaming Media, which was
organised in Amsterdam in October 2000. As far as possible all the debates,
workshops and presentations of the festival have been included in the
archive. Besides these archived streaming components the on-line archive
also contains all the texts of largely sold-out festival reader, the web
journal, interviews and other source materials.

LAT:  21.00 :  Live on-line - looking good
GMT: 20.00

A kaleidoscope of projects that were present during the net.congestion
festival will be presented during the evening. All contributions will be
made live on-line via the internet from various locations shattered around
the globe: E-Lab / RIXC (Riga/Latvia), Radio 90 / Sleeping Buffalo
(Indigenous from Banff, Canada, Open Streaming Alliance (New
York), House of Laudanum (Sydney), Consolidated Works / HugeCaster
(Seattle), Sarai (Delhi), and others have been asked to make an on-line
contribution to this program, and share some of their views and insights
into the future of streaming media for arts, culture and activism.

LAT:  22.30 :
GMT: 21.30

The remote presentations will flow into the a
transcontinental re-mix and live-jam of images, sound and digital data
structures, presented as a virtual audio-visual planetary Ping-Pong match
via the internet. The is a well established concept of the
xchange network of net.broadcasters, a world-wide coalition of sound and
media artists who investigate the internet as a medium for live
audio-visual transmissions.

The evening program in Amsterdam will take place in an informal atmosphere
with drinks, projected live streams and chatrooms and on-site musical
Seattle promises to organise a rich-media lunch, about the other locations
we have no reliable data as yet.

-> chill out in the post-dot-com new media jungle!


** Remote participants:

IRC chat at:

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The festival & archive web site:

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