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Jesse Bercowetz - Misunderstood

Jesse and I set up an experiment which utilized the gallery as a film set. It 
was staged as a crime scene with blood and travel bags from Jesse and his new 
wife's recent road trip across America -- accompanying this was a performance 
by Jesse.  At the opening he wasn't in attendance but rather around the 
corner at a bar, very drunk and aggressively trying to raise money from 
friends and gallery go'ers. We planned the show to foreshadow the events that 
were going to take place and attract attention. The grizzly (real blood) 
murder scene was visible from the storefront windows. The show "worked" and 
on the opening day police came, checked it out, and took the bags.  Jesse's 
apartment was later ransacked. The 90th Precinct denied any involvement. 
Luckily, an Australian film crew who just happened to be doing a piece on the 
Williamsburg art scene for Aussie TV was on hand.  They took an interest and 
began documenting the events and then Jesse's family and circle of friends. 
It proved an interesting way to see what people really think of Jesse, the 
cops and much more. This show is an edited down version of over ten hours of 

Conceived by Jesse Bercowetz & Chris Murray
Filmed by Claudio Orrico & Co. for "Australian TV"

Directed and edited by Chris Murray
Additional video by Lars Haga.

Monk Gallery
301 Bedford, Brooklyn, 11211
Opening: This Friday, June 8 (7-10pm)
Through July 1, 2001 
Gallery Hours: Sat & Sun (12 - 6pm)
or by appointment #718.782.2458

( Invitation photo available / .PSD file from )

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