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I always found your face in spilled sugar. Always, your contours. It
only took my index finger to draw you. It was so easy, two or three
quick moves, your hair, nose, mouth and chin, that was about everything.
Always, your eyes, their curves and their continuos clicking shut and
open. Your eyes, one of them blue, the other one grey. I draw you into
the sugar, better: out from it. 
When I was all set, your contours lay in front of me between us:
clearly, in one sugar river that had streamed from the tin and all over
the table, it was so easy.
I claimed: "Thatís only my fingertips that turned and tossed around the
sugar for a second or two. Somewhere in there they then found you.
Thatís not me, whoís doing that, heaven knows who. Itís definitely not
me. Is it you? I think so, I do, itís you. All this only exists and
happens exactly like this, because itís you. It has always been like
that." I talked, too much, as always. I talked, I glowed, I was
unbelievably nervous, when you watched me, while I was drawing. I
fantasised, Iíve never done anything else.
But thatís over now. The table has shrunk and so did the sugar tin. Now,
thereís not enough space in my room anymore to spill the sugar Iíd need
for to draw you once more. Let alone I canít afford to buy sugar now. I
now spend all I have on missing you. Your eyes, their clicking, your
eyes, one of them blue, the other one grey. I guess, I-now-love-U.


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