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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> TAZ THING

Wolfgang Staehle <>

>There is a statement in the current Mute Magazine - which recently
>went through a similar restructuring and rethinking process - that 
>could just as well serve as our credo:  "Objective...  
>Oh my God, why am I here?
>To contribute to the strength of independent media projects
>- enabling them to compete with institutional, governmental
>and corporate driven ones, and to create information spaces
>where high quality tools, content and research are produced
>by individuals and small organizations who are compensated
>for their work."

the thing's objekive is the elimination of independent life forms
+ their replacement with incompetent korporat slaves.

the thing as well as you personally have made this completely clear on numerous occasions.


neither the thing nor thing financed marionettes kompete against 
institutional, governmental or corporate driven projekts.

the thing is a welfare program for the priviledged.

>End of story.

end your lies


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