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[Nettime-bold] The Genius 2000 Network
Nicholas Hermann on 28 Feb 2001 22:25:51 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] The Genius 2000 Network


Dear Mr. Zinn:

I am writing to ask your opinion of my current internet project, the
Genius 2000 Network.  A lot of material is online at our main site,

The transcripts of the First Edition Video may be of particular
interest to you, given your recent play "Marx in Soho."  The main
purpose of Genius 2000 is to promote a radical democracy of genius by
using a new theory of relating history to individual cognition.  I hope
you enjoy the site.

My work overall, including my documentary video, have created a lot of
conflict on the internet.  An unbiased but well-informed source is Alex
Galloway, editor of Rhizome.org.  You can contact him at
alex {AT} rhizome.org and I will cc him this email.  I also have submitted
work to the Boston Cyberarts Festival, and will be glad to let you know
if I win an award.

My education is in literature and I received my MA from Syracuse in May
1998.  Many other published writers, artists, and laypersons currently
contribute to and/or participate in the Network.  We are fairly
unanimous in our curiosity regarding your opinion of what we're doing.

I appreciate your time and will gladly send you a free copy of the
video should you care to see it.


Max Herman
nmherman {AT} aol.com 

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