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[Nettime-bold] Fw: Mahendra Solanki is trAce Poet-in-Residence
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[Nettime-bold] Fw: Mahendra Solanki is trAce Poet-in-Residence

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For the next few weeks, poet and editor Mahendra Solanki is in residence at the trAce WebBoard. David Dabydeen said of his work: "Deeply moving poems of love and violent loss ... transforms the fullness of lived experience into the spareness of art. And it is this spareness - beautiful and bleak - which is Solanki's trademark and triumph." Visit Mahendra in the Poetry Workshop at http://hum-webboard.ntu.ac.uk/~trace for inspiration, technical advice and feedback.

OTHER NEWS - see http://trace.ntu.ac.uk for details of:

Call for contributions to frAme 6 - Net : Spirit
Is there a new kind of spirituality happening out on the net? Do you get the sense you're connecting with something greater than yourself? Have you ever meditated online? Does code have a zen all of its own? What are the new spiritual patterns, symbols, and icons of cyberspace? Why all these coincidences, mindmelds, serendipities and downright unrealities? Is this religion? Who are we online? What do multiple identities do to your head? What does it all mean? 

A relaxed approach to exercising the muscle of the imagination with a regular writing task posted on WebBoard, with the challenge to post your response by the following week. Currently hosted by Barry Tench.

A New Kind of Home Page 
Where do you feel you really belong? "Maybe finding a place where I 'properly belong' wouldn't ever define me quite as much as the always wanting to try." (Pauline Masurel , Berkshire, UK). Join with us to create a Home Page with a difference. Home is often found more in memory than in geography, more in imagination than in reality. A song, a flower, a word, or a mouthful of food can be all it takes to bring to life a whole theatre of recollection. You are invited to contribute your own memories and imaginings of Home.  

The trAce Online Writing School opens in June 01. Register for updates at http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/school.cfm

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