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lemondropp2 on 26 Feb 2001 23:36:19 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] NuElectric Recommended by Four Newsletters - (Stock Market Alert) 6045

Symbol: NRGE (OTCBB)
Shares Outstanding: 4.7 Million
Estimated Float: 1.1 Million
Recent Price: $ 1 1/16
52 Week Low /Hi: $.72 - $3.00

NuElectric (NRGE) is an incubator company that identifies, acquires, develops, and markets emerging 
technologies to protect and enhance our natural resources.

The company was just featured in "Wall Street Watch" this month. The newsletter discussed NRGE’s 
patented technology to remove arsenic from drinking water. It said that the EPA wants to lower the 
acceptable level of arsenic in water by June 2001. They also pointed to their recent acquisition of 
Zorax, Inc., which has an exclusive worldwide license for a technology that extracts and identifies 
dangerous waterborne parasites.

In late January, "SmallCapDetective" profiled NRGE in a multi-page report. They said that NuElectric’s 
arsenic process was superior to existing methods, because of both lower cost and safety. It mentioned that 
the process used modified zeolite minerals, which are common and inexpensive. Another recent write-up 
was in "The Konlin Letter", which put out a buy opinion with a first objective price target of $4-5. The 
August issue of "Dirigo Research" said that "NRGE is a buy now stock!"

For a complete due diligence package including all of the above reports, please call Howard Scala with 
Investor Relations at (727) 942-8938 or e-mail to: mailto:whpost10 {AT} stl1.com?subject=NRGE-INFO

DISCLAIMER: A shareholder paid 13,000 shares of NRGE for the circulation of this report.  Some of the 
above newsletters mentioned were compensated for writing about the company. The publisher and/or its 
affiliates may buy or sell shares of  NRGE at any time. For full details, please contact NuElectric.

REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: mailto:whpost10 {AT} bigfoot.com?subject=remove-NRGE

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