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Phonetri][c][x on 26 Feb 2001 11:43:19 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] off][al][ to.pic][ture][

*.crowned and g][l][oried

][b-labouring thru the wander.ers][

*.the s][eda][ta.de

*.a strangers eyes in a companions head

][a c][hemical][an][bin][ary sings, yellow ][liver][ spotted--seducing][

*. i wish 4 luck n tolerance

][history looping; antiquated replacements; a medium of 1 +a mediamaticum;
voices drowning out the past in faceless shouts; i dust myself in mirrored
echos; my doppel][zentner][ganger retches][

*. u c the past as a strain of crystal truth.*. i gorge yr cords with lust

*. do u wander here? 

][i weep thru prisms; words cut in2 brutal shapes; my t][r][e][mours][ars
raped N naked; whispers of the ab.solut][ion][e range; layered rewrites &
manifest blockages][

                          .*.discrete distances.

.           .    ....         .....
         n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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