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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Social democrats to the rescue!!! --- yeah,
Nmherman on 25 Feb 2001 19:20:03 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Social democrats to the rescue!!! --- yeah, right.

In a message dated 2/25/2001 12:06:31 PM Central Standard Time, 
phil.graham {AT} mailbox.uq.edu.au writes:

> If you want to find a thread that runs through all of political economy, 
>  whether Marx, Hayek, Keynes, Smith, Schumpeter, or any of the Austrians or 
>  the Chicago school or whatever (you seem to make no distinction between 
>  "economics" and "political economy"),  you will come up with Aristotle. 
>  That's why whenever any "economic system" is rigidified, abstracted from 
>  reality, (mathematically) cleansed of internal contradictions, and pushed 
>  to its limits, it collapses.

Well said.  My own economic thinking uses the same assessment of Aristotle.  
but I don't ever get to talk on nettime so what's the difference!

You can check my work which is archived at Rhizome.org under "Max Herman."  
The Thing server (including nettime and thingist) is run by people very 
hostile to me, so I never get on.  You might mention it.  I'm sure many other 
printable nettimers (Brace, Stahlman, integer, etc.) will attest to the worth 
of my ouvre, such as it is.  Other nettimers--Tom Sherman, Rob Murphy, Alan 
Sondheim--might say I'm an incompetent jerk.  Most likely if asked to express 
an opinion of me they'd say "no comment," "I won't dignify him with an 
opinion," something like that.  

Happy sunday,

Max Herman

other links:

Date: 9.19.2000
From: Max Herman
Subject: An open letter to David Ross, director of SFMOMA
Keywords: virtual reality, revolution, performance, internal, installation, 
art world

Dear Mr. Ross: 

On August 27, 2000 an unauthorized installation took place at SFMOMA. Photos 
and description of this event are online at: 


I'm interested in hearing your reactions to this installation. In particular, 
could you compare this installation to the lecture you gave with Peter Weibel 
of ZKM in June of 1999? This lecture was videotaped by SFMOMA and is archived 
somewhere. In this lecture, Weibel emphasized the need for "distributed 
virtuality" in the form of personal technology that would render the internet 
a "proscenium" stage complete with self- identifying audience and creatives. 
You happened to mention in the same lecture that whereas the printing press 
caused revolutions, in the case of the internet the revolution would be 

Could you please clarify these concepts of proscenium VR and internal 
revolution in the context of the unauthorized August 27, 2000 installation? 

Also, should you find the tape of your June 1999 lecture, could you briefly 
discuss the audience's questions? 


Max Herman 
The Genius 2000 Conference http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Launch.html 


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