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[Nettime-bold] Max Herman Ignites Minnesota Protest
Nicholas Hermann on 23 Feb 2001 19:45:09 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Max Herman Ignites Minnesota Protest


For Immediate Release:  February 23, 2001

Max Herman Ignites Minnesota Protest

Outcry and confusion erupted earlier today when an unidentified
audience member tossed hundreds of pieces of paper into the crowd during
Thomas Friedman's speech today at the University of Minnesota.

The President's Anniversary Tribute, commemorating the 150th year since
the founding of the University of Minnesota, collapsed into a shouting
match and police intervention as the audience shouted anti-globalisation
slogans at Friedman as he delivered his acceptance speech.  Friedman was
to receive an honorary degree from the University, now headed by
President Yudof.

After the unknown audience member threw the pieces of paper, the
shouting and heckling began in earnest.  NPR was covering the event
live, and has RealAudio on their site.  

After the protestors refused to be silent, President Yudof cited a city
ordinance prohibiting the interference with use of a public space, and
warned all disruptive audience members to leave within "a few minutes"
or face arrest.

Fearful of being labeled an illegal protestor, this reporter left as
Minneapolis Police Department officers appeared in pairs at all exits.

For more information, visit the Minnesota Daily website, NPR,
Indymedia, or other news outlets.

Protestors were particularly opposed, judging by slogans such as "We
are the U, we don't share your point of view", to the philosophy of
global economic policy articulated by Friedman in his book "The Lexus
and the Olive Tree."  His editorials for the New York Times have also
contributed to the public perception that he values corporate economic
growth over sensitive issues such as labor conditions and environmental

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network


Due to the evident police involvement in this protest, the author would
like to request that all recipients of this email save and/or mirror all
Genius 2000 Network material they can.  Lawsuits--eminently unfounded
but backed by powerful organizations--have been threatened against the
Network and may be enforced with excessive zeal by the University of
Minnesota, Thomas Friedman, and others.  This may lead to, in a
worst-case scenario, banning of Genius 2000 Network content on the
internet.  We urge all supporters of the Network to speak out against
any such action if taken without due legal process and recognition of
the freedoms of speech, assembly, and the press.  --MH

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