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[Nettime-bold] Invitation to the People's Summit on Globalization
manse jacobi on 23 Feb 2001 01:14:49 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Invitation to the People's Summit on Globalization

For media interviews contact:
Jaime Smith (jaime.smith {AT} colorado.edu) 303.492.2507
Manse Jacobi (jacobi {AT} freespeech.org) 303.492.5024

The People's Summit on Globalization
March 8-11th, 2001
University of Colorado - Boulder, Colorado

A conference to educate, empower, and unite people striving for justice in
the face of corporate globalization.


This conference aims to bring speakers, community members, students,
workers, activists, and other global citizens to learn about the effects of
globalization and to change the power structures that affect our world. More
than just a "conference" in the traditional sense, we will be training,
planning and networking with each other to better organize and mobilize
ourselves for future action.

Don't miss an exciting, and perhaps the largest, conference on globalization
in the United States. Please visit the website for (free) registration and
more information.

Scroll below for:
1. Confirmed keynote speakers
2. List of workshops and panels
3. Venue, housing and travel tips

1. Confirmed keynote speakers:

[Vandana Shiva] Indian physicist, eco-feminist, writer, and leader in the
international movements to preserve and extend indigenous agricultural and
environmental knowledge.

[Chol-Soon Rhie] Director of the Korean Women Workers Associations United,
and organizer of one of the world's first women's unions with textile
workers in Korea.

[Danny Kennedy] Co-founder of Project Underground and director of its
efforts to work with indigenous communities domestically and abroad that are
threatened by mining and oil industries.

[Kevin Danaher] Co-founder and Director of Public Education for Global
Exchange, a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to
promoting people to people ties around the world.

[Ignacio Ibarra] A leading figure in an organizing effort initiated by Sin
Fronteras called the Border Agricultural Workers Project (BWAP), a farm
worker center, in El Paso,

[Njoki Njoroge Njehu] Director of 50 Years Is Enough, a network of over 200
NGOs and faith-based groups dedicated to the profound transformation of the
World Bank and the IMF.

[Raquel Sancho] Program Director at the Santa Clara Center for Occupational
Safety and Health (SCCOSH), a non-profit, community-based organization
empowering immigrant workers in the Silicon Valley.

[Amy Goodman] Host of Pacifica Radio's nationally syndicated daily
newsmagazine Democracy Now!.

[Julie Davids] Longtime member of ACT UP Philadelphia, the largest and most
diverse grassroots AIDS activist group in the US.

[Carlos Zorilla] Founder the Organization for the Defense and Conservation
of Intag, (Decoin), a grassroots group comprised of farmers, peasants and

[Micheal Morrill] Executive director of the Pennsylvania Consumer Action
Network and the state coordinator of the Pennsylvania Fair Trade Campaign.

[Orrin Williams] As manager of the AIDS Research Allianc, Williams oversees
the health care needs of low-income HIV infected patients. He also works
with the Center for Urban Transformation

[Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer] Author of numerous articles and books on hunger,
faith, the arms race and U.S. foreign policy, including "School of
Assassins: The Case for Closing the School of the Americas"

[Ward Churchill] Co-director of the American Indian Movement of Colorado,
Vice Chairperson of the American Anti-Defamation Council, and a National
Spokesperson for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

2. Partial list of panels and workshops

- Corporate Institutions Driving Corporate Globalization
- History of Neoliberalism, International Trade and Finance
- What are We Fighting for?
- The Role of Direct Action: Resistance to Trade Agreements
- Making Trouble: Youth Agitate for Justice
- How to Organize a Grassroots Campaign
- How to Observe Cops/Copwatch
- Break the Bank: World Bank Bonds Boycott
- Citigroup--Organizing Effective Campaigns to Reform it
- Legislative Efforts for Social Justice
- Build an Organization--One Door at a Time
- Women's Rights as a Global Right
- Combating Environmental Injustice
- Immigrant Labor in the Global Economy
- The Race to Incarcerate
- The Politics of Sanctions: The Case of Iraq
- US Counter Insurgencies: Vietnam and Colombia
- BP-Amoco Campaign
- Global Development and the Worlds Ecosystems
- Rethinking Urban Communities
- Center The World Bank: Who's Bank is it?
- Globalization and the World Food Supply
- Effects of Global Development on Land-Based Communities
- The New Tools for Breaking News
- Cyberspace: Transcending Borders and Community -Building
- Grassroots and Globalized Media
- Media Workshop for Direct Action
- Non Violence Workshop (Betty Ball and Dana Wilson)
- Climbing Techniques for Trees and Banners
- Campaigning and Culture Jamming
- Action Planning and Strategy
- Jobs With Soul: Above and Beyond Corporate Treadmills
- Work on Sweatshops
- Organized Labor in a Globalized Free Market
- Know Your Rights on the Job Workshop
- Labor Organizing Workshop
- Bag o' Theater Tricks for Activists
- Globalization and Beyond
- Answers to Globalization for Global Justice
- Neo-Classical Economic Theory: Why is it Wrong?
- School of the Americas
- Copwatch Overview and Know Your Rights
- Transforming Global Problems into Sustainable Solutions
- How to do Activism in the New Globalized Movement
- Eco-Physiological Awareness
- Anti-Oppression Training Workshop
- Zapatismo: The Struggle in Chiapas
- Organizing Against Genetically Modified Foods
- Que es Comunidad? A Community Growing Workshop

3. Venue, travel tips, and housing

The conference will be taking place on the campus of the University of
Colorado at Boulder. If you are traveling by plane, you need to fly into
Denver International Airport, and take the hourly bus to Boulder. Just tell
the driver you need to get off at the University Memorial Center stop, where
there will be an information desk inside the building.

We may be able to assist you with housing and meals. Fill out the
registration form at:

Weekend airfare to Denver, with a 14 day notice, costs approximately
$100-$300 from most major cities in the United States. If you are willing to
carpool with others traveling from within the region, let us know in your
registration form, and we'll connect you with the appropriate participants.

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