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[Nettime-bold] (no subject)

>From: "Nicholas Hermann" <NHerman {AT} hga.com>
>To: <nettime-l {AT} BBS.THING.NET>, <Genius2000Conference2000 {AT} egroups.com>,
>        <info {AT} emaf.de>, <alex {AT} rhizome.org>

>I think the only cure to the problem Eryk talks about here is to start
>naming names and levying fines.  Eryk wrote this 2 months ago and no one
>said anything; now they're all grooving that "net art is dead."  
>Saying webart is dead may lead back to the clicks-and-bricks philosophy
>of art, which is what the academics need and want, rather than a
>Phoenix-like rebirth of genius.  Genius 2000 is not netart, never was,
>it's my special friend and can't be reduced.  
>Or, by saying na is dead do we throw open the door to
>everyone-is-an-artist?  Is it a way for the academics to save face under
>the onslaught of Genius 2000, Eryk Salvaggio, and nn?  After all, we are
>all three totally realized and successful and incorruptible.  (Perhaps.)

nn = ist korupt!bl. 

Netochka Nezvanova      - the spreading web like rhythm we towards inch with 
f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST   - each impression yes +?
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