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[Nettime-bold] Re][stuttered][[sutured][: not][net][.art
net.wurk][.who][ on 21 Feb 2001 00:10:39 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re][stuttered][[sutured][: not][net][.art

.nodal +death+-points swallowed in a dea.th.rush.
.u begin 2 -f][l][ail-, ar][t][][is][ms all awry n caught in webbed
.-rear jumped-up rhett][butlered][or.rick][springfielded][.
.!smash! yr bloodied theori][h][e][ad][ |over| |n| ||ova| ][N out][.

][the x.press][ed 4 time,
 4 the answer, 
 4 the dreamic caul 2 a][r][mories][][

][jumper lead.ing 2 a p][asse][o][mo][lished cliff-curve][

.continuous leylined a][fter][.lifes.
.lead 2>>.
.in.ack.c][pr][essible d.sires N dam][dental][dam][nologies][s
.drink yr poison.
.drain the cu][s]p n datadrown.

		+[not.art is ][net][ a rutting corpse-knot]+

.fibres of yr sal][ve][ivary loops 2wards speech-tones.
.u speek N s.pea][ch yellowed n guttered][k N neva stop to tilt-listen.

+please stop+

+++ please l][ectro][][gl][isten +++



[double plus orwellian ][cat][gut][ted][]


.           .    ....         .....
         n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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