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[Nettime-bold] WebTracer project nearing completion
nullpointer on 19 Feb 2001 22:38:55 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] WebTracer project nearing completion


Platform: Win32
Development: DirectX, C++
Winter 2001

WebTracer is an project based on the intention to visualise the structure of
the web. There are many applications that analyse websites for structural
integrity and diagnostic purposes, but few reveal the visual structure that
web hypertext creates. Webtracer represents this structure as a three
dimensional molecular diagram, with pages as nodes(atoms) and links as the
strings(atomic forces) that connect those nodes together.

Within the Webtracer environment the molecular structure of sites can be
examined from any angle and any distance. Nodes can be selected to gain
further information on their content and a conventional browser launched to
visit the corresponding page directly. The molecular structure of the site
both the sequence of hyperlinks within actual pages and also the internal
structure of the host site's file system.

As such Webtracer generates an interactive molecular diagram that is unique
to each site it visits. Tendencies of information design and the intentions
of the site designer to promote or demote certain types of information
become visually obvious. The resulting structures range from deeply
interwoven tapestries to delicate and simple tree designs.

Webtracer is intended as an interactive tool to both visualise the web and
allow users to gather information about a site through its structure,
analysing the intentions and principles of a site's construction and design.


Webtracer is in a final period of bug testing and fixing, anyone wishing to
know more about the project can contact webtracer {AT} nullpointer.co.uk
Any comments or advice are welcome.

Tom Betts
C:\REM [Header]

(all suffixes enabled)

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