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Nmherman on 19 Feb 2001 18:33:13 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> The Palimpsest (fwd)

In a message dated 2/19/2001 11:10:24 AM Central Standard Time, 
bbrace {AT} eskimo.com writes:

> Like
>  augurs studying clouds 

But this is Barthes or one of those guys to a T!  I wrote an essay about it 
once.  I'd offer that people meditating or feeling good while seeing clouds 
is better?  

Neurologically, I think the proportion of what we "take in" cognitively and 
what we "put out" expressively is out of balance.  Too much is offered to us 
as "learning," "entertainment," "art," "TV," "writing," "newspapers," 
"conversations," "webart," "pop music," and we offer too little of our own 
creativity to the perceptual arena.  We don't make our own music, we buy it, 
et cetera.  Same with food for god's sake, no one knows how to cook or even 
eat for ourselves anymore.  Ads for Arby's do the eating for us, we just pay 
the cashier.  

So I think the out of balance is part of the problem.  The ratio of intake to 
output.  This has been the primary valve of control by the rich since the 
beginning of the whole god damn human project.  It really ain't no 
brain-buster I don't think.

Of course if everything you put out is shit, like say Genius 2000, then you 
got the same old problem.  What's good for the best is good for the rest.

Weird non-sequitur:  I was speculating to myself this weekend that the 
powers-that-know are preparing for a global "desert-age" in the next century. 
 There will be a major arable-land grab and an equally total freshwater grab. 
 They're just not telling us so we don't panic.  The majority of humans will 
either be destitute and migratory or urban-technological.  The desert 
conditions will justify martial law, even in the US, so the whole pretense to 
democracy and human rights will become null for the foreseeable future.

Just pessimism?  I don't know, if the water's already melting it will 
probably keep melting a lot longer.  

Let's focus on SU/McCord and Max for President of Harvard.


Max Herman

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