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[Nettime-bold] Online Premiere Climate Independent Media Center Video
Gerbrand Oudenaarden on 16 Feb 2001 18:13:19 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Online Premiere Climate Independent Media Center Video

Climate Talks, Money Talks (online premiere) 

A 48-minute film about the UN COP6 Climate Conference, made by 
the Climate Independent Media Center. 
Edited by Trojan TV. A Production of Trojan TV, Organic Chaos 
Network and Engage! Tactical Media, in cooperation with the 
Rising Tide Collective. 

The film will be presented tonight at 21.00h in De Blauwe Aanslag, 
Den Haag. Simultaneously, the film will be netcast. Afterwards, the 
film will be available on-demand in narrow-band and broadband 
RealVideo. Check http://www.engagetv.com

To stop climate change, reductions in CO2 emissions of 60 - 90 % 
are necessary. Yet during the 6th climate conference of the UN in 
The Hague (Cop 6) in November 2000, it was only discussed how 
industrialised countries can achieve a completely inadequate 5.2 % 
reduction. The mechanisms they want to use to achieve this are 
explained in the film, exposing the real story behind the failures 
and inadequacies of the United Nations process. Trading in carbon 
has become a new way to make money. 

Activists of the Rising Tide Coalition and others are taking action to 
show that the UN conferences are not climate talks, but money 

You can mailorder this video! 
dfl 16,50 (excl. postage)
More info: http://www.climateconference.org
The Climate Independent Media Center was initiated by 
Engage! Tactical Media -- http://www.engage.nu/index.php3

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