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The Visual Array and Three-dimensional Space

Also thought of as the 'Immediate' and the 'Inferred/Predicted'
respectively, these categories refer to the way people relate to visual

The 'visual array' or 'immediate' visual information is that which can be
thought of as a two dimensional pattern such as that which is seen in a
photograph. The basis of analysis is the pattern of light and dark in the
image, as well as the organisation of the 'picture plane'.

'Three-dimensional space', now more commonly referred to as the predicted
or inferred, gives us a chance to predict the future of a given scene. This
can be achieved because of Homo sapiens ability to perceive the depth of a
space and thus project what might happen if we move through it (or
something moves toward the viewer!). This may be thought of in terms of
'informational opportunities' and 'informational dangers' (Appleton, 1975).




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