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Anonymous on Sat Apr 21 00:08:48 2001

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No Subject

I hope I haven't rambled too much here (it's the middle of the night and I'm
practicing insomnia). My real point here is that we're talking about
platform and functionality, not content. It's similar to the statement that
the map is not the territory.  And I've tried to make the distinction
between usenet and the communities-for-profit, where ownership of IP is
defined by contract.

Drazen writes:

> Not wanting that kind of destiny to Nettime, I think we shell all
> think carefully about how nettime relates to its authors, their copy
> rights (if any) and the incredible number of well intended individuals
> and (sometimes) great texts that appear here.

In the context of my longer post above, how do we view nettime? Do we feel
that the nettime archives should be transferred to some university? If
someone created and charged money for an ability to search the nettime
archives, would that violate our trust?

Jon L.

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