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[Nettime-bold] Usenet archives sold, whay about README! ?
Drazen Pantic on 16 Feb 2001 03:30:45 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Usenet archives sold, whay about README! ?

> Instead of looking back, we may as well raise the *future* issue of
> nettime archive. Who owns it? What will happen if someone suddenly
> selling it to a museum or library, or as a commodity, selling it as
a DVD?

That is a very good point. Also what about derivatives of nettime,
like README!? Recently, preparing a course about technology and NGOs,
I was to include README! in the course reader. Checked on the Amazon,
and on the address


found this description:

ReadMe! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge
by Josephine Bosme, Nettime

Obviously I do not have any problems with Nettime credited for the
book, but what about the other name? I do not see any big conspiracy
there, nor do accuse anybody for taking over some other people's work,
but as credited now it follows that Josephine is the author of the

What opens possible discussion about another issue related to both
Nettime and NGOs...Internal dynamical structure in relation to
acclimated goals and principles. As we all know, many NGO's press
releases are full of slogans about civil society and freedom of
expression, but how many do exercise any of those principles
internally? And soon or later those organization just implode in some
meaningless simulation of the real work.

Not wanting that kind of destiny to Nettime, I think we shell all
think carefully about how nettime relates to its authors, their copy
rights (if any) and the incredible number of well intended individuals
and (sometimes) great texts that appear here.


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