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[Nettime-bold] From Conf2000 Judge Carter Lebares--plz fwd to 7-11 Brad
Nmherman on 15 Feb 2001 18:49:48 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] From Conf2000 Judge Carter Lebares--plz fwd to 7-11 Brad Brace

Subj:    [Genius2000Conference2000] Electricity and distance
Date:   2/15/2001 10:42:22 AM Central Standard Time
From:   clebares {AT} Fibrogen.com (Lebares, Carter)
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snip--yet I still do.  He couldn't help himself I'm sure, but writing
such an essay is a sickening act of mental elitism.  

I blame people in this mode, too, much more than I blame some nut who flips
and kills some people.  Not b/c I harbor a death wish against ANYONE, but
because in my own way I know how it feels to be disenfranchised, alienated,
and to carry the sense that you do not belong.  That sensation is humorously
satirized all over the place (tv, movie, blah, blah) but it's really not
funny when you're in the midst of it.  It is so fuckin deeply painful; which
isn't whining - it's just true.  

And sometimes, in this state, you look at the cheerleaders or the jocks in
your environment(and these can be grown up yuppie/techie versions or the
real deal) and you hate them.  I've hated them.  I've been so furious at
their ignorance and happiness and afforded niavete and have been overwhelmed
with the sense that their lack of awareness is directly related to the hurt,
anger, and poverty around me. Not that I would say these ills are directly
the fault of the....whatever you call these folks.  More that they have the
resources, the access, the education and the fuckin' ability frankly TO DO
should they?  For them, distance is dead.

My point being, that although I haven't walked down the road in it's
entirety I have definitely seen the road where alienation almost drives one
mad.  And the rage and hurt and exclusion - I can imagine - could drive
someone to kill.  

Now, don't get me wrong.  I still believe people who DO walk this road
should be removed and helped to heal. (and honestly, if they hurt someone
close to me I'd probably want to kick the living shit out of 'em too).
Nevertheless, I think violence is totally fucked up and should never be
taken lightly.  But, what about the more subtle (and arguably more
insidious) form of violence that leaves millions on the planet in poverty
and ignorance while 225 of us wipe our asses with Lincoln's - we've got so
much of it to spare.

What about THAT violence?  And these fuckers didn't grow up in some shitty
hut with a name like John "Cornfed" schnieder, ignorant as a rock and filled
with poverty. They have all the oppurtunities in the world to know better -
don't they?

My toughest
internal conflict right now is how to relate to nn, who sets such a high
importance on technology.  

Question:  perhaps nn is de-mystifying technology completely?  As I
recall, they guy who thought the space essay was so great had prefaced
his remarks by suggesting the idea of "artistic social software" (the
category nn won in the transmediale) was less nifty than the no-distance
deal.  nn in fact has discussed her work as the preservation of distance
(and related this to Einstein's idea that matter is based on the
distance between proton and electron).  

I don't know nn, but distance is all electrical.  The distance b/tn my axon
firing and your dendrite receiving my impulse is as long as infinity, which
is why we struggle so hard to understand one another.

What if, through "social software" or whatever (as I said to whatsisname
down at Sony [i.e. Randall Packer at Dolby during his Wagner to VR talk in 
1999]), we could connect some of our synapses either literally or
metaphorically.  I mean damn, the fuckin' optic nerve has a direct feed into
the brain.  In one sense, even before the image is inverted or experiences
any other manipulation, it has hit our cortex as raw data.  There are so
many other processing steps, dilutive effects if you will, between other
sensory receptors and the brainule.  But not the eye!  That's the whammy
channel (why think TV is so potent?)

What if I could share, in part, the experience of being another gender,
color, ethnicity, age, species?  My lord, life would never be the same.

Look at the genome, phylogeny tables, chromosomal homology - ALL THE DATA
same, practically the fuckin same!  There are universal themes in all of us
and we just don't know how to tell each other what they are.  

Unless you get lucky like perhaps some of us here have.
And then we know it's possible.

Maybe nn wants to make something to help us do this?
That would be really nice, I think.

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