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[Nettime-bold] office/gallery (exhibit) 2/12 to 4/13
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[Nettime-bold] office/gallery (exhibit) 2/12 to 4/13

For immediate release:

“… the Measure of All Things.”
by appointment only showings!
February 12th to April 13th

“…the Measure of All Things.” encompasses the work of
five artists dealing with society’s relationship to
statistics and taxonomies.  The office/gallery is
located in the corporate offices on the 17th floor of
a downtown San Francisco location.  “…the Measure of
All Things.” will be on display at the office/gallery
from February 12th through April 13th.  Artists
contributing to the show are: bay area artists, Renee
Shearer, Gail Wight, and Allison Shields, along with
Portland based Peter McCleery, and Philadelphia based
Stephen Cartwright.

“We religiously watch the Dow and the Nasdaq rise and
fall as indicators of our economy, our retirement
schedules, and moreover our competitive relationship
to one another,” explains Sean A. Fletcher, the
current resident of the office/gallery and curator of
…the Measure of All Things .  “The last decade,
wrapped in the paper of progressive idealism,
witnessed a strange new ideology dubbed by Thomas
Frank as ‘day-trading liberalism’ where the
conversation in bohemian coffee houses took the form
of speculative stock tips and comparative performance
figures.  Instead of smoking cigarettes and denouncing
the bourgeois, this new breed of hipsters asked if
Phillip Morris was a part of the other’s stock
portfolio, and if they were able to ‘get into Cisco
Systems before it went up.’  But more than tracking
stocks as an indicator of our contemporary prowess, we
spent our time constantly weighing ourselves.  We
counted our calories, we tracked our mileage, and we
logged our appointments.  We jotted things down in our
palm-held devices and tried like hell to get the most
out of our days.” 

…the Measure of All Things. takes a break to assess
the maddening Scylla of statistical responsibility in
our epic adventure of The Daily Routine.  Allison
Shields tracks her every residence from birth to Today
complete with address and zip-code and presents them
mailing-label-ready in a subtle framed work that
craftily blends into its office surroundings.  In
another piece she catalogues all of her belongings by
color-coding them according to her relationship to
them “as of May 14, 1999.”  These figures are then
presented in tabular format and charted in a columnar
graph.  By careful analysis of her “dishes, old
photos, and extra vitamins” she presents, by volume,
the commodities she owns anywhere from being a
“precious treasure”, or “hypothetically useful”, to
finally a “burden.”

In Self-criticizing Artwork, Peter McCleery has
assembled various barometers to measure such obtuse
notions as our complexity, our beauty, our poignancy,
and our profundity.  Like some ultra-truth-seeking
love tester, to stand before these various dials is to
bear narcissistic wonder as to whether the moisture
produced by our bodies can actually be used to measure
“physicality” (for example) – then, immediately
presses the envelope of statistical usefulness as the
psyche begins to process this data.

The office/gallery is a *by appointment only* location
operated covertly in the local downtown offices of a
national Life Insurance and Financial Services
corporation.  The office/gallery is currently in its
second year of operations.

The office/gallery also sponsors bi-monthly events in
its recently renovated 18th floor “training room”.
Patrons to the office/gallery are encouraged to
inquire about the upcoming lecture event in March
corresponding with … the Measure of All Things art

Please call (415) 733-6574 for more information and
availability before visiting the office/gallery at 111
Sutter Street on the 17th floor.  Email the
office/gallery at resident {AT} officegallery.org or visit
the website at www.officegallery.org. 

NOTE:  Because of the covert nature of the space,
please do not arrive unexpected, and please direct all
written correspondence to: administrative
office/gallery, care of: Sean A. Fletcher, 2934 Ford
Street, Unit 19, Oakland, CA  94601.  Thank you for
your cooperation.

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