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Nicholas Hermann on 12 Feb 2001 23:11:22 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: Re: [Genius2000Conference2000] In Failure BeginResponsibilities

Terrence writes;

Max you have the the intellectual capacity of a shiv toting country
bumpkin. You are not capable of an  coherent plan. You live off the ideas
of others. Violence on line is against the law. Since you begged me to come
on this list you have to take some responsibility for this. Before you go
trying to help one38 I should at least warn you of the pending lawsuits
against your person. You've made threats against and have shown up in
person to, at least, two public institutions. Now this psycho's mistaking
my rebuttal of you calling me a hockey playing Canadian to fuck off on this
list as some sort of personal affront. I am tired of listening to any
yankee noodle nonsense or taking any more of your personal insults. Good
luck with your dreams.



Nicholas Hermann wrote:

> >>> baseekins {AT} netscape.net 02/12/01 12:09PM >>>
> Genius2000Conference2000 {AT} yahoogroups.com wrote:
> >
> > ++
> >
> > Hey you boys you're scaring the sane people.
>  But I simply wanted to make it clear that I am open-hearted and
> friendly out of strength and !
> fearlessness, not because I care about accomodating whiny baby
> boomers.
> coupage
> I don't think people figure other people out too good when it comes to
> email.  You kind of piece them together like a puzzle.  My first
> discussion with Terrence was that he was an idiot.  Then he said
> something and I said "hey you're not so bad of an idiot."  Then he said
> OK, no hard feelings.  I don't think he's a whiny baby boomer but I
> could be wrong.
> Not that I have no flaws.  I have some good qualities and attributes
> but not all my qualities and and attributes are good.  One thing I do
> prefer however is not to have people telling me what to do or how to
> succeed.  I want to do it my own way, on my own schedule.
> Unfortunately, there is still the overpowering likelihood that Genius
> 2000 Network will fail utterly and completely, not only in its great
> ambitions of social change but even in the simplest most meretricious
> currency of kunstvelt trendiness.
> I'm prepared to fail miserably at both.  But one thing I will not fail
> at is to remain Max Herman, contributor to the Genius 2000 Network and
> occasional organizer of Network activity.  I'm not giving up the reins,
> because we are not a hierarchy.  I've got my work to do and so does
> everybody.
> As grand boaster of imminent media splendor, I realize I must deliver,
> and god damn it I will.  Anyone saying otherwise is like Unferth from
> Beowulf, don't believe in sea-monsters, etc.
> Max
> (I can recite 20 lines from First Blood 100 times in one night.)
> I can bench press 200 pounds ten times, or 2000 pounds once.
> Briggs Seekins
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