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Anonymous on Sat Apr 21 00:08:45 2001

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No Subject

Tel: (213) 740-ARTS (2787) Fax: (213) 740-8938
Email: aim {AT} usc.edu

Contact:  Janet Owen, Festival Director (213) 740-ARTS (2787)

STOP DATE: February 17, 2001

(Los Angles/Santa Monica, 1/21/01)

The University of Southern California School of Fine Arts has announced the 
selections for Art In Motion II. Presented in collaboration with the Santa 
Monica Museum of Art, AIM II is a free festival that will take place 
Thursday – Saturday, February 15 –1 7, 2001 at locations on both the USC 
Campus in Los Angeles, and at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

The selected works were chosen from a pool of over 600 applicants from 29 
countries. They include film, video, digital video, interactive games, 
animation, sound pieces, CD-ROM’s, websites, installations, and 

"Unlike most film festivals, galleries and media venues which are organized 
around a specific media or genre, Art In Motion II is organized around a 
central theme, and the only criteria for submission is that works be 
'time-based," said Janet Owen, festival director. "Consequently the selected 
works range from trans-global collaborations to intensely personal projects, 
and grapple with issues as divergent as the "sport" of lying and the 
"vanishing" of individuals."

Building on the success of the first festival AIM II has been expanded from 
its debut January 2000 one-day format to a three-day event. "We are 
delighted to be partnering with the Santa Monica Museum of Art to present a 
unique and rich program of exhibitions, screenings, a symposium and an 
educational outreach program," said Ruth Weisberg, Dean of the USC School of 
Fine Arts.

AIM II is organized around the theme of  "The Vanishing Author?" In the 21st 
century, new technologies have multiplied access to authorship and 
reinvigorated "The Author" concept. Simultaneously, these same technologies 
have ushered in an age of infinite reproducibility - the culture of the copy 
- where there is no "final cut" and no definitive, authoritative voice.  As 
the role of the "author" is perpetually destroyed and recreated so too are 
our perceptions of "authority", "self", "meaning", "value" and "originality" 
that contribute so significantly to the determination of our futures

USC professor, media artist and AIM II Festival Advisor, Christiane Robbins, 
will moderate the AIM II Symposium, addressing issues arising from the 
festival theme, at the USC School of Fine Arts, Thursday, February 15, 6.30 
– 10.00pm. Keynote speaker, film theorist and cultural critic Constance 
Penley will present Melrose Space; Art, Politics, and Identity in the Age of 
Global Media. Followed by a panel discussion with Steve Fagin: media artist; 
Jan Tumlir: writer, curator; and Simon Leung: artist.

All submissions to Art In Motion II were viewed by the AIM II Pre-Screening 
Committee: Carole Ann Klonarides: curator, media artist; Tara McPherson: 
author, media critic; Janet Owen: festival director; Allan deSouza: artist, 
writer, critic; and Tomo Isoyama: artist.

The selected works will be viewed by a distinguished trio of AIM II jurors: 
Tom Leeser, media artist and Visual Effects Supervisor/Art Director with 
Academy Award-winning production studio Rhythm & Hues; pioneering video 
artist, Janice Tanaka, and Tran, T. Kim Trang, video artist and independent 

Awards include the $1000 Intelefilm Award For Creative Excellence and the 
$500 USC School of Fine Arts Student Award. Additionally, visitors to the 
festival are invited to cast their vote for the AIM II Audience Choice Award

The AIM II Award Ceremony, along with performances including WorldMix La and 
Digital Atmosphere (with DJ Koolaid), will take place at Santa Monica Museum 
of Art, Saturday, February 17, 7.00–10.00pm.

All events are FREE and open to the public. For further information visit 
the Art in Motion web site at http://www.usc.edu/aim, send email to 
aim {AT} usc.edu or call the USC School of Fine Arts at (213) 740-ARTS.

Information on festival schedules, maps and direction are available on the 
AIM II website: www.usc.edu/aim

>>AIM II is co-sponsored by:
Apple ®
California Arts Council
USC Annenberg School for Communication
USC Arts Initiative
USC Matrix Program for Digital Media
USC Spectrum

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