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[Nettime-bold] ART IN MOTION II: Media Festival
JSalloum on 12 Feb 2001 06:49:49 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] ART IN MOTION II: Media Festival


The Second Annual International Festival of Time-Based Media
Presented by the University of Southern California School of Fine Arts,
in collaboration with the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Thursday – Saturday, February 15, 16, 17
All events are FREE and open to the public

The USC School of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Santa Monica Museum 
of Art, is delighted to present AIM II – three days of exhibitions, 
performances, screenings, a symposium, a gala reception/award ceremony, and 
an education outreach program hosted on both the USC campus and at the 

Unlike most venues which organize around a specific media or genre, AIM II 
is organized around a central theme,"The Vanishing Author?", and the only 
criteria for submission is that works be 'time-based'.

The 43 works selected for the festival were chosen from a pool of over 600 
applicants from 29 countries and include film, video, digital video, 
interactive games, animations, sound pieces, CD-ROM’s, websites, 
installations, and performances.

An outline of festival events and the names of participating artists are 
listed below.

For more detailed information please visit our web site at 
http://www.usc.edu/aim, email aim {AT} usc.edu, or call the USC School of Fine 
Arts at (213) 740-ARTS.

Amy Alexander . Tony Allard . Mark Amerika . Steve Appleton . Staffan 
Backlund . Nahyeong Cheon . Jonah Brucker-Cohen . Tony Cokes . Juliet Conlon 
. Alison Cornyn & Sue Johnson . Geoff Cox, Mike Phillips, Adrian Ward, et al 
. David Crow . Gili Dinovich . Jeanne Finlay . Mark Gardner . Susan Giles . 
Neil Goldberg . Catriona Grant . Karen Gunthrie, Anna Best, Simon Poulter & 
Nina Pope . Kathy High . Andrew Hutchison & Marie-Louise Xavier . Annetta 
Kapon . Hung Wing Kit . Ken Kobland &  E. Jay Sims with Bill Waldman . John 
Rechy and the Labryinth Project . Greg Kucera . Hart Laurent & Julien Alma . 
Barbara Medajska . Dennis H. Miller . Eduardo Navas . Han Ter Park . Gwyan 
Rhabyt . Aaron Rincover . Peter Rose . Eric Saks/Belief . Somyung Sohn . 
Jayce Salloum . Kai Syng Tan . Anne Walsh & Chris Kubick . Hilary Wilder . 
Andrew Wood


Thursday, February 15, 2001
6.30pm – 10pm
Gin D. Wong, FAIA Conference Center, USC Harris Hall
Exposition Blvd  {AT}  Watt Way

Constance Penley: film theorist and cultural critic, will present Melrose 
Space; Art, Politics, and Identity in the Age of Global Media. Followed by a 
panel discussion on issues arising from the festival theme of The Vanishing 
Author? with panelists Steve Fagin, media artist; Jan Tumlir: writer and 
curator; and Simon Leung: artist. The moderator is Christiane Robbins: media 

Films, videos, digital videos, animations…..
Friday, February 16, 2001
11am – 6pm
USC Annenberg School for Communication Auditorium
Watt Way  {AT}  Hellman Way

***The WebAdTV Art In Motion Exhibition***
Installations, interactive games, websites, CD-Roms, sound pieces, 
Th/Fri/ Sat, February 15, 16, 17, 2001
11am – 6pm
Santa Monica Museum of Art
Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave. Bldg G1
     Tel: 310 586 6488

Saturday February 17, 2001
Santa Monica Museum of Art
Performances including WorldMix La and Digital Atmosphere (with DJ Koolaid)

For detailed information:
aim {AT} usc.edu
Tel: 213.740.ARTS

All events are FREE and open to the public.
Parking for Symposium and Screening in Structure A of the USC campus is $3: 
enter the USC campus through Gate 6 on Vermont Avenue at West 36th Place.

>>AIM II is co-sponsored by:
Apple ®
California Arts Council
USC Annenberg School for Communication
USC Arts Initiative
USC Matrix Program for Digital Media
USC Spectrum