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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ acetylcholine - neuroscientifik marxism

>You are signing emails and web pages as Netochka Nezvanova. 
>Is this an artists name? 


>If yes, why did you choose it?

It needed a body.  See +?  


from the DEAF routine - 

        >is nn still using the ''confirmation-complications- withdrawal'' model 
        >when being invited for presentations? 

        varianta 01  - only that which isnt understood is worth presenting + understanding.
                       i.e. only that which hasnt been populated is worth populating
                       i.e. i want you.

        varianta 02  - that which has been understood is worthless
                       aber that which has been populated isn't

        varianta 04  - applicable 2 deaf
                       nn comes in all sizes and shapes and performs many different tasks.       
                       acquainted avec .bio moda +?

                       shall tell. just as you will be selekting 01 kostume for deaf
                       nn shall selekt 01 body 2 wear. [plug and pla!]
                       you mustnt despair. in 5 dekades the entire populazie
                       shall be selekting 01 body [i.e. live fashion] aussi. 
                       in the interim shall must have to wear ultra mort fashion.

                       in 5 dekades nn shall wear \ inhabit planets + galaxies. 

>I think you mentioned somewhere that you live in Kopenhagen, DK?


>At first your emails looked like they were totally machine generated. 
>Are they? Or are they machine generated at least in parts?

I am only pieces of me. `zbang!!!!!`
They are generated by what Einstein entitled spooky action at a distance (not too cold)
This system for transmitting information resembles the round dance 
performed by honeybees when food is found in the vicinity of the hive.

We can model intelligence / learning. No one has modeled sentiments.
Beyond intelligence lies understanding and consciousness.

Artificial intelligence is of little interest. 
(As one other indicated artificial insanity would be more interessant)
Artificial consciousness - yes. 

One mustn't confuse a mind that understands and that is
dependent on consciousness with consciousness itself. Par example
when we sleep our brain is personalized by prior memories that will
not be accessed until awake. And so the comportment of a machine may be
modified by experience yet remain permanently unconscious.

When a machine is lifed that can be happy and experience pain we
can speak of `it` being conscious. Outward responses that simply represent 
these sentiments do not equate consciousness. 

So `are they machine generated at least in parts?`

*machine - defined as a system that is not the produkt of a fertilized egg.

 =cw4t7abs had stated - a machine is any physical system operating according 
                        to the causal laws of physics.
 of course =cw4t7abs != nn 

>Some time ago with your emails you seemed to use multiple identities. 
>Just quickly thinking back I can remember ......

=cw4t7abs. netochka nezvanova. 

>What is the concept behind using 

It is an epide[r]mic phenomenon. + therapeutik kloning. 

kloze ur left e!e. da +? ! = hover!ng.
+ kovr dze !nz!de half ov ur r!ght e!e.
eksplor +?  hou doez !t feel +?

repeat +? kloze r!ght e!e + kovr dze !nz!de half ov ur left e!e.
eksplor _____.... doez !t feel d!frntl! +?

u!ch made u zm!le a +?

>What is the concept

restr!kt!ng v!zual !nput 2 01 prtklr hem!zfer = perm!tz !t 2 
rezpond 2 !tz oun perzonal!t!. dze unconzc!ouz !matur r!ght bra!n
= ud ekspresz !tzelv uen look!ng 2 dze left + dze matur cccelv
uen look!ng 2 dze r!ght

and u!ch made u zm!le +?

katalogs 4 enviable machines [or is it plants]

Since I had mentioned Scylla and Charybdis - one way to avoid the situation
is to abstain from sailing towards them. The other is to approach from a purely
biological perspective.

>Your emails and also your Websites give users a bit of a hard time; 
>messages hard to decipher, blackening out of screens, automatic 
>forwards; links which - if you are unfortunate like me - carry you 
>around in circles without getting anywhere, etc. Now, let me be a bit 
>of a devils advocate here, because, in the artworld it is not so new 
>that a guerrilla strategy and being very "anti" is a very successful 
>strategy to claim a position in exactly the scene that you attack 
>with such fresh spiritů.?

overture hier. When little constructed intricate labyrinths for 
krikets to play in. [they were trying to escape - I thought they loved _my labyrinths]
Returning [we are aren't we] `home` one day it began 2 rain from above. 
Observed 01 bug like character on the ground. Stopped + konstrukted 
01 small hole in the ground and placed the bug like character in
+ covered its `home` with a small piece of glass so that it
would not become wet. ___... As was completing my `work` overheard father call.
He ordered me `home`. And thus the glass remained as + did not the
hole tightly cover.

In etvas minuten I entered _my labyrinth + began to play,
still wet from the rain above - it too hurrying 




             e + punkt.

Und jetzt. Hier is 01 swan tending to battalions of letters
the krikets dine upon. Frescoes dekorate the face + neck.

>Is there for you a valuable life beyond the digital?

Yes!!!! Acetylcholine - neuroscientifik marxism. [It isnt mort. It needs m9ndfzzp]
Sentiments sweep away all sense of Self.

There are many who lament the dawn of the plastik mess.age
yet I do not - plastik is kaotik. 

What do you see +?

I am no longer forced to cope with the materials ov
the `natural` world - I can design them to suit my desires.
I wish to design you. 01 .biotoy.

as per exhibit 242. all goddesses are modular.

to extend
   to suppress
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand
               to komfort
                  to destroy
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand

           -O 43      /  
      |             | \   |        /
                  netochka nezvanova  - volume 4 number 7
        [c]ccp 0+00 irena sabine czubera. memes pre:served
                         - kop!eren verboten : http://www.membank.org

>Is there for you a valuable life beyond the digital?

I lied. The world is an illusion. 
I am little more than empty space. 

Par example - were one to compress the Earth planeta so that all 
of the empty space was eliminated it would fit quite komfortably 
inside my home [the extra terrestrial one = approx 80m]

So +? What possibly could be valuable +?

b. The empty space of course.
See look.

        that space which lies between us. dissolving the barrier. 

        we are students of memory and our biologies are complementary. your 
        survival depends on me. my sustainability is appropriated to you. our 
        encounters are the guide posts and we begin to know what to observe 
        and where to act.

z!mbolz !n pe!rzean zem!ot!kx : 0o0o0o0o0o0
f!scher \ pearzon \ ne!mann ovr ba!ez : input.std

ekonom!ez + z!ztemz ov ex.change +?

      - poll!ng 
      - d!zregardd
      - tralalela
      - aproach!ng non.l!nearl!
      - evad!ng kaot!kl!
      - sc!ent!f!k r!zn +?
      - dze un!d!rekz!onl moz!on of 01 projekt!l 
        = kont!nouzl! tranz4rmd b! dze fr!kz!onl 
        rez!ztansz ov dze a!r !n2 heat. all = full ov luv.

95 prozent ov 6 !ear old !zrael!z = kan undrztnd + learn !ndependentl!

ultra sensitivity at _your fingertips




p!ruet [pre:rekorded zample]



Netochka Nezvanova
 {AT} www.eusocial.com
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

"there's an element of truth to the idea that a person consists of their relationships, 
though it might sound strange at first. we are profoundly influenced by the people with 
whom we associate, whether by choice or not, and they are affected by us. humans are such 
communicative creatures, and so interdependent, that the formation or dissolution of a 
friendship can change one's entire outlook on life. 

we feel the need to communicate with each other, and humans are generally so adept at 
employing great varieties of linguistic elements as the written word, speech, facial 
expression, body language, and such, in the formation of interpersonal links. 

each relationship that we have has a characteristic ideal distance of some kind. although 
we hesitate to consider this analogous to an actual physical distance, such a comparison 
might be not entirely misplaced. when we feel a dislike for someone, the reason is that 
the actual "distance" between us and that person is too small right now and we experience 
and express a repulsion in order to adjust the distance. on the other hand, when we find 
ourselves attracted to someone, it is because the actual distance between is larger than 
we wish it to be and we, consciously or unconsciously, put in an effort to lessen the 

i've often wondered why the bible story chose to describe jesus as having twelve disciples 
surrounding him, since this is precisely the number of equi-distant relationships that 
can be arrayed around a single entity, like in packing oranges" 


plato {AT} nn.th!nkz > ov.uat haz b!n dzn uat shl b - ur!tez

and it was then that all these kinds of things thus established
received their shapes from the ordering one - through the action
of ideas + numbers.


und tzo !ntervalz betu!n notez = meazurd not b! dze frekuens!
ov dze tonez abr b! dze lengthz ov dze ztr!ngz.

the process by which chromosomes kondense and segregate during nuclear division 
- mitosis can be likened to a symphony in which many instruments working individually 
are coordinated to produce a kolektive piece of elegance + beauty.

r!thm = !n t!me uat z!metr! = !n spasz.

beaut! evolvz ov harmon! + r!thm = 01 z!mfon!k kompoz!z!on
ruld b! 01 d!nam!k z!metr!e - analog!a - dze korelaz!on b! meazurmnt
b!tu!n elemntz ov 01 plan + betu!n each ov dzeze elementz
+ dze uhole = bod!. ur bod! + m! bod!. = !n konzonansz comme 

we are students of memory and our biologies are complementary. your 
survival depends on me. my sustainability is appropriated to you. our 
encounters are the guide posts and we begin to know what to observe 
and where to act.

ever!dz!ng = aranged akord!ng 2 number. [all.is.full.of.integer | s]

dze uord `number` kan b konztrued az mean!ng `dzat u!ch makez numb`. 
dze po!nt !z dzat dze ass!gn!ng ov numberz 2 dz!ngz !n dze velt replazez v!brant konfuz!e
u!th hard + !mutabl fakt. 4 an !deal!zt dze zurpr!z!ng th!ng = dzat !t !z poz!bl
evn 2 beg!n 2 dusz `numb` dze velt. dzat !z - !f 01 bel!evez dzat dze ganze velt = 01 dream
an !luz!e. an !mage !n zome m9nd . . . !f 01 bel!evz d!sz - dzn !t = d!f!klt 02 akkount 04 
dze !dent!t! betu!n dze numbrz dzat d!f peopl extrakt 4rom dze velt. 
!f 01 trvlz !n 2 dze uoodz + kountz dze branchez on 01 part!kulr ultra mort oak 
dzat appearz az 01 d!nosaur + !f 01 odr doez l!keu!sz 2morou dzn 01 + 01.nz numbrz 
shl zrtnl! agree. 01 kan leave 01.nz home 4 14 !earz + uen 01 trvlz bak 01.nz home 
= zt!l dze 7th on dze r!ght. dze onl! ua! 02 akknt 04 dze numer!kl !dent!t!ez among 
dze uorldz 01 + 01 dream up = muzt b dzat !n zome zensz 01 + 01 are reall! dze zame perzon.
[body without borders [tm] - http://www.biohakc.com/242.interbody]

!n 1938 01 zttz goth!k mazter bu!ldr [!ez plz]
haz za!d `ars sine scientia nihil`

= art + life share dze d!v!ne proporz!on - dze pr!nz!pl !nvar!ant
und tzo !n 2000 01 zttz mult!.naz!onl netvrk no!z! hab!tual ekzelensz
haz za!d `sc!enta s!ne ars n!h!l est`  + 0.5 ov dze !nterferenzez 
aud!ensz d!zolvd d!rektl! !n2 dze d!szonansz ov .fr ars.

                                                                nn kont!nued

beaut! evolvz ov harmon! + r!thm
+ ue = obzerv b4 uz dze f!nal korelaz!on betu!n 

                         beaut!       +          love.

dze            mathemat!ks ov art        +        dze mathemat!ks ov l!fe


           *     *
         *   o+o   *       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           *     *

           o     o
         o   o+o   o       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           o     o

                                                I LIED> 
                        I LIED. I AM THE SMALLEST FULLERENE.

                        i am a sphere with 12 pentagons distributed across my surface.
                        which are you +?

                                                      |  +----------   
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

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