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RTMark admin on 8 Feb 2001 09:56:48 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] oops

intended message below...

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Date: 8 Feb 2001 09:54:55 -0000
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Subject: failure notice

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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 09:00:10 -0500
Message-Id: <200102081400.JAA29720 {AT} rtmark.com>
To: Richard Yerian <richard.yerian {AT} york.com>
From: The World Trade Organization <responder {AT} gatt.org>
Subject: Re: GATT Interest Rate

Thank you for your message. Please be assured that the WTO is very
interested in your perspective and concerns, and is making every
effort to accommodate a rapidly changing population in its plans
for streamlining the economy and the economy's attendant political

You correctly point out that as of late, there has been a waning of
interest in GATT; this has of course also been true of more recent
efforts of ours such as the MAI and the aborted Millennium Round.

Unfortunately, a great deal of attention has been paid to the
special-interest lobbying efforts of the thousands of middle-class
protesters whose disposable income puts them in a different class
entirely from those populations they pretend to defend.

Being in a different class--not destitute, not afraid for their
survival, restricted neither politically nor economically from
travelling to places such as Seattle--what do they have in common with
the oppressed of the world? How dare they speak for the voiceless?

We hope that you continue to understand things in a level-headed way
and do not fall prey to the campaigns against progress and increasing
efficiency. For increasing efficiency, as you know, was the driving
force of the boon for all peoples that was the 19th century, and those
who seek to derail the Industrial Revolution of the present are
simply blind to bounty and profit.

As our director, Mike Moore, recently said, referring to these
misguided: "they make me want to vomit."

Best of luck in all your undertakings,

Your colleagues at the World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization: Making the World Safe For Effectiveness.

You wrote:
>Where can I find the GATT interest rate, both the present rate and in past
>Richard Yerian
>richard.yerian {AT} york.com

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