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>Baudrillard in a footnote to his 'Implosion of Meaning in the Media' (1983) 
>"Distrust the universalisation of struggles through information. Distrust 
>campaigns of solidarity that is both electronic and worldwide. Every strategy 
>of the universlaisation of differences is an entropic strategy of the system."
>This seems to be the antithesis of current positions on global activism and its 
>utilisation of the net. NAFTA, The EZLN and N30 all suggest the opposite to 
>this typical Baudrillardian stance.
>*Is Baudrillard wrong because he was writing 18 years ago?

all u!ch = klas!k = b! dze ver! fakt modern.
baudr!lard = korekt. humanz = !nkorekt.

>*Or is his concern re: the neutralisation of struggles via the an attempt to 
>amplify struggles ring true?
>*Is it true that an event that reacts to an initial event is already a degraded 
>form of the event?
>*Does the Internet merely overproduce meaning and speech and thus end in an 
>undecipherable reality?

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