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>Emotional Politics

m9ndfukc.macht.ganz.gluckl!ch+fre! _-

ur bl!efz = 01 p!lula aua!. take !t.
elsz akt!vat dze hugo boss haute couture rout!n.
!zt juzt ultra.


>This is fucking disgusting! Stop writing me!
>Goddamn Internet! I'm fucking attacked on one hand by Nigerian spanners
>offering me a big piece of 26 million dollars, and attacked on the other
>hand by corporate assholes who stick banners like knives across the
>eyeballs; the hackers are our only hope; someone's got to bring the whole
>fucking system down!
>We better stop sending cute Bush jokes around! It's like finding funny
>stuff in Mein Kampf! How the hell do you resist! We're all in the shtetl!
>We didn't know it! When I walk down that hall, Bush will pull the lever!
>Just watch! Fuck DNA! I did it! I did it! Whatever it is!
>Bush and his creepy team can go screw themselves! They've already screwed
>the rest of the country! Proto fascists, they promised compromise and as
>soon as they seized power, they showed their true colors as racists and
>violent fundamentalists! Women's rights will be all but dead in a year or
>two! We'll all be in jail for un-Amerikkkan activities! The jails, already
>the largest on earth, will be bursting with blacks, jews, atheists, anyone
>who doesn't lick the ass of Christ! Fuck Bush! There's a war on; the more
>Republicans, the more thugs! We're all dead unless we fight back! Who
>wouldn't love to see Washington DC burn!
>Goddamned Israelis held hostage by the religious right, Arab kids taking
>potshots at them! So now we'll have fascist Shiron to contend with; if
>he's a jew, I'm not! I can't even recognize myself in his murderous fat
>face! It's the people that look like tailors I fear the most! Meanwhile
>I'd be scared to live in Jerusalem or just about anywhere in the mid-east
>and I wouldn't know who the hell to fear!

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