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                 netwurk 28/29: Socialisation C][hild][urvature
           _2........8 Pu][ppet][rpose:_


Socialisation C][hild][urvature 
[Socialization attempt category 28.1]



][child-like wanderings thru a m][obile phonic][aze curved 2 bone][
][grayness on a richter scale][ne muscles][ ][
][dust the size of rust bleeds on rust the size of cuts][   



][a temp][late][ of lost hope, ][yo][u.topia][ry][s bounded by a nest of
bla][ke-wordian][ck snake cords, powerpointed in2 hel][iotropes][l][
][a tighrope boundary, small clicks and errant spaces, tropes N gropes
n.cluded free][


][3 sculptures of michelango m][odem][arble][

][1 is cracked, filament hairs caught in porcelin gloss, eyes
][2 is covered, 
dir.t][exted][ eyes and ][copper scented][blood nose, 
a keening sound][
][3 is light as jo][uissance][y, 
a sil][icon][ver][batim][ coated tongue 
and eyes of b][londed g][lue]

.my queendom for a ][dis][][used][course..
..curved s.pine][al][ taps and fluid gaps....

.my heart hertz..
..my brain brown-outs, a surge of draining corp][u][s][cles][es


                     ?       <s][tatic][*+*nip*+*>          ?


][words carved in2 a tracer][oute][][
][tomes of milkened text, drowned like i][d][gnorant kittens][
][an ice-cubic dream, s][ucker][pawned][

[]backwardian codes><a][h!][ space cor.ro][a][ded><blueflicked hairmeets
whitestreaked masks><[]
][my shell has splintered<>juices leaking in2 ][digitized][screenshots<>try
2 catch me, please<>][


Sibling C][hronic][urvature 





_  <][>only if d.sired][and damned][<][>
_  <R E M.move.yr.jacket>
_  yr sleep is now *mine*_

 .eye. .will. .s][y][uck. .yr. .silent. .][syll][fables. 
.i. .will. .dance. .yr. .dormant. .tune.  
 .][in][activate. .yr. .loss.
.pi][que][ck. .yr. .][mono][tone.
  .curb. .yr. .need. .2. .breathe.
.bind. .yr. .f][ertile][ingertips.

                                  .frozen. .fawning.


_ ][sign languaging my self][-



.           .    ....         .....
         n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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