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sincere apologies to anyone who receives this twice, or receives this in error

\\international\media\art award 2001

call for entries

The \\international\media\art award 2001 is organized by the broadcaster Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (SWR) and by ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (Center for Art and Media), in co-operation with Swiss Television SF DRS and Arte (European Cultural Channel). The all-embracing concept of media art is intended to offer video tapes as well as media and interactive art projects a television forum. In the year 2001, the overall subject is:

control space ­ the vigilant society
observation \ surveillance \ control \ attention

"We must not let the 100-eyed all seeing colossus Argos become  a mythical icon of our media society, we must be watchful for strategies of surveillance, be vigilant against the technology of reconnaissance, and defend civil society against the armament of vision, that is society’s new task."
(Peter Weibel, ZKM)
Seeing without being seen, surveillance, storage, control, observation - it is all possible in the wired society. The state knows what we own and what we earn, the bank knows our transactions, the travel agency knows our dreams, the insurance companies our risk factors, and the police store our data. We live in a transparent society where everything is observed by everybody, and through Information Technology we are constructing the panoptic society (pan = all, optikos = seeing). From Orwell’s 1984 to Big Brother or The Matrix - surveillance has a new fascination - even advancing into the very structure of the individual psyche. This new market of attention promotes narcissism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism in the new playgrounds of the mass media. Where the Moderns feared and forbade, the Postmoderns say: enjoy! The tyranny of intimacy and the end of privacy in all their manifestations, from attraction to danger, composes the background for the subject "Control Space ­ the vigilant society" for the \\international\media\art award 2001. Artists from all over the world are challenged to address this subject with their curiosity, their criticism, and their fantasies.

The international jury consists of Lynn Hershman\\Media Artist, San Francisco; Chrissie Iles\\Curator for Media, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Christoph Joerg \\TV Editor and Producer, arte (La Sept) Paris; Friedrich Kittler\\Media Scientist, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin; Thomas Y. Levin\\Culture and Media Scholar, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. They will attribute the following awards:

\\international media\art\award 2001 \\ VIDEO \ 12 000 EURO
\\international media\art\award 2001 \\ INTERACTIVE \ 12 000 EURO
special award of the organizers\\ Production at the ZKM and SWR TV-Feature

Deadline for entries: 15 march 2001

Please mail your address to medienkunstpreis {AT} zkm.de for entry forms ­ or go online:  http://www.swr.de/medienkunstpreis/en/index.html  (the site will be redesigned in the coming weeks but all necessary text information is already online)