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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Privacy Anyone?
Matt Smith on 1 Feb 2001 00:41:11 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Privacy Anyone?

creepy yes, but not very significant.

basically this approach is the only way to enable "preemptive routing" on
a large scale. everybody who is interested in delivering their data in a
somewhat efficient manner to a broad audience will come across the problem
of figuring out where the user is. so it was only a question of time until
dealing with this fact would lead to putting the soup we call internet
into palatable dishes. this is what portals and the such are about, all
that clicking on sites "closest to you" when you want to download
software. local mirrors reflect that same concept. information about users
is already being collected in vast amounts, its a non-issue really.
everybody on this list knows what i mean...or who actually uses an
anonymizer or fake email addresses to post here?

now nortel wants to capitalize on content providers seeking to implement
such systems, and additionaly take control over what is expected of such
systems, so it gives customers some extra toys for setting up profitable
infrastructure. these toys then will become the standards aswell as the
accepted limitations, thus giving nortel a head start.

much more creepy than the percieved "privacy issue" is the fact that now
the borders of ownership will be drawn, the internet will become more and
more divided into parts which are "off limits" to unauthorized (read:
uncleared/info-suppressed/non-paying/ANONYMOUS} access and the spamfilled
free ad-net and some weirdo stuff nobody gives a shit about. 
net.art for e.g;-)

my favorite part of http://www.foxmarketwire.com/013101/nortel.sml

"Nortel, a leading supplier of network switches and routers that direct
traffic on telephone networks and Internet backbones, is targeting a full
range of communications service providers, including companies that
produce Web content and streaming media, and those that keep Web sites
running and distribute content to users."

i wonder who they are not targeting...



On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Bottle Rocket Science wrote:

> Nortel Introduces Network Technology That Can Track Web Use By Individuals
> from Fox News Wire:
> http://www.foxmarketwire.com/013101/nortel.sml
> Sample quote:
> >[Clay] Ryder, the Zona analyst, disagreed.
> >"I don't see this as a security issue. People have to wake up to fact that
> there isn't
> >any anonymous usage of any communications services. They have to get over
> that."
> Deeply creepy.
> bottlerocketscience
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