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[Nettime-bold] NET-ART00 arena opens August 4th 00


The annual net-art arena at opens for its third
season from Festival Benicassim on the Costa Azahar. Voting by visitors
to the site on the listed entries for net-art00 will start on August 4th
and run till the end of '00.

The net-art00 event is intended as an open friendly public arena for
'net-art' where once a year those interested can get together the stuff
we have all been working on and take a look around. By asking you to
vote from 10 to -5 on the sites you will visit we hope we have created a
system (however limited) for you to express your approval, enjoyment
etc. or otherwise of these projects that have been created for the web
during 2000.

net-art00 is now open for nominations from All nominations of web specific art
projects, from the most illustrious to the most humble in origin will be
accepted. Nominations need to have a clear and self contained starting
point, meet the definition at and
cannot have appeared in net-art99 or net-art99 in their present form.


our R'n'D arm

original database design


Festival Benicassim

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